Do you ever get the feeling that press releases are corporate banter for mundane news? It never feels like it’s coming from a real person. So when I formed this new game company, I wanted to break away from the typical hype you normally hear. Those in the gaming industry who have known me over the years can appreciate why I take this approach.

It is my passion for gaming that’s inspired me to start MonkeyPaw Games. More specifically, my passion for Japanese games…REAL Japanese games. The kind of game that never made it to Western shores, mainly because they were deemed too culturally different. But there is a sizable market for games that feed into the fascination with Japanese gaming and culture.

For those who don’t know me, I’ve been in the gaming business for over 20 years, most recently as President of Hudson Entertainment. I lived in Japan for most of those years and was lucky to work closely with Hudson Soft’s founders. One of my first jobs was the launch of the TurboGrafx-16 platform, bringing over many Japanese favorites like Blazing Lasers, Adventure Island, Military Madness, Bonk’s Adventure, and of course Bomberman. Even so, there was always a trove of games that never made it.

Well, times have changed. And it’s our differences that actually bring us closer together. Japan is a mecca of gaming lore and a crypt for many of the best games that MonkeyPaw is going to resurrect. Companies tend to underestimate the fervor that fans possess toward cultural idiosyncratic art, especially in overseas game markets. MonkeyPaw will finally give these games a chance to shine.

MonkeyPaw is about you, the gamer. I hope you’ll join our grass root effort to help bring these games and more to Western markets. You’ll see exciting announcements coming from us at E3. So if you’re passionate about real Japanese games, stay tuned.

John Greiner
President, MonkeyPaw Games

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    Loyd Love

    Very cool! Good luck to you John! I know your company will be successful with you and your enthusiasm at the helm.

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    Good luck with the company. So far the site seems early in its infancy but I think with the right marketing and word of mouth press you could do fairly well. I support this project and if you ever need a voice let me know! I’m an old timer myself. Not too old, but I was around during the peak of the 16 bit era!

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    reson8er (PSN ID)

    I wanted to personally say thank you so much for bringing these games out to the PSN. I may not by all of them, but the titles I have purchased I appreciate immensely. You do a service to your customers that no one else seems to be able to care to try. Thank you again and keep up the great work, much success with all future games 🙂

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