We’d like to thank everyone for their strong support of our releases on the PlayStation®Network Classic Import Store. Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed have been flying off the proverbial shelf. We hope the content exceeded expectation and that you’re looking for more great import games from Japan.

MonkeyPaw would like to announce two new games coming to the store this Tuesday, October 5th. Puzzle fanatics will be pleased to play a classic jewel that never made it to America, Magical Drop F. Many know the original and may have played a few sequels, but Magical Drop F is considered the best in the series. The game features a RPG mode as well as added layers of depth and complexity. Special items give the player a more strategic challenge and lend intensity to the already frenetic gameplay.

Our other release this week will be Arcade Hits: Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty. Known as Suiko Enbu in Japan, we’ve used the Arcade release name to keep it simple, but make no mistake, this is the original Japanese version. Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty is a classic fighter from the era of when beat’em-ups ruled the consoles. There was a lot of competition but this one somehow slipped through the cracks, mainly because a lack of marketing. It had progressive and pioneering elements that many future fighters mimicked. And in some aspects, it exceeded what the legendary games of the fighter class established.

As the list of wanted titles for the Import Store increases, we’ll double our dedication to getting you those hidden classics. It is never easy to license titles from Japan but with a little luck, we’ll be able to move publishers who would otherwise not realize that there is a strong and vibrant market for their seemingly lost legacies. Keep the suggestions coming.

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    I just want to say, thanks so much for doing this! I’m thoroughly enjoying both Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed. Keep ’em coming!

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    Yea, beat ’em ups! I’ve never even heard of this one so I’m excited to see how it plays. I’ll be picking it up as soon as the PS Store updates. All I can say is: more!

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    Kyle Sungahid

    OMG I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS! do you think you can bring any rpg games to the store? :D!!

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    Keep’em coming. Just picked up Magical Drop F for my PSP. I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. The only other portable versions of Magical Drop I’ve had are GameBoy Color and Neo Geo Pocket Color. Finally there is an arcade worthy portable option.

    If there are more Magical Drop games, bring them all over!!! Please!

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    Mike W.

    Great job adding these titles to the psn store, I’m truly enjoying gaiaseed. I hope you guys can work on bringing SDF Macross: Do You Remember Love game to the psn store someday. I’ve seen videos of the gameplay and I truly would love to play that game!

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    OMG, I remember playing Suiko Enbu on the Saturn back in college with 2 of my fighting game buds. It was a total blast learning about the wacky moves and abilities. Although this 2D gem was never ported to the West, it definitely has great ideas that I still have not seen from other mainstream 2D fighters today!

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    Okay, this is going to sound a little silly, but, I don’t suppose you might consider bringing Namco Museum Encore to the U.S. PS Store? I know it’s an arcade compilation, but I’m definitely interested in the games it has. Also, I believe that Robbit Mon Dieu (“Jumping Flash 3”) never made it here, so maybe you might want to consdier that one as well? Other than these, I’m not that much familiar with Japanese Playstation games that didn’t come here. If I find any that I might like, I’ll let you know.

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    Thanks for bringing over GaiaSeed and Magical Drop.
    I’d love to see DoDonPachi in a future update!!

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    i was wondering any news for the european psn store it’s no use asking over there cause they as always know nothing
    we the ppl who are intrested in these games had 2 bring it 2 their attention

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    No matter how impossible it seems, I would love to see a western release of Seiken Densetsu 3.

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    2 games I would love to buy on PSN, Panzer General and Einhander. Nuff said.

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    Thanks for bringing these over. I’m really enjoying these games, and the price is absolutely right. I’d like to suggest a couple hidden gems. One is called Mad Stalker, which is a side scrolling mech beat-em-up. Very cool, with tasty 2D graphics. Also if possible, the fighters Asuka 120%, Angel Eyes and especially Advanced VG 2, a real gem. These are all all-girl fighters, which the US seemed to be gunshy about. I’ve played Advanced VG 2, and it is really solid. The others have good reviews, and I’d buy on sight if you put them up. Keep up the good work!

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    awesome stuff wondering if it would be possible to bring the super robot series to the us playstation store

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    Very much appreciating the JPN Imports. In fact, I already own imported copies of both GaiaSeed and Cho Aniki but, I bought them anyway so, I could support the effort and, use them on my PSP.

    How about bringing over a mahjong (riichi) title? It’s popularity in Japan is legendary and, as the founder of a US mahjong organization based in Portland, OR. We would love to see one available to the US masses.

    NOTE: If you ever do release one, PLEASE release a title that plays a serious game of mahjong… As apposed to all the “strip-mahjong” titles that have flooded the JPN market in the past.

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    a outlaws of the lost dynasty movelist would be pretty awesome, surprisingly google finds nothing! most of the moves are easy to find but you never know if there’s something your missing.

    cosign on dodonpachi.

    great job guys

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    THX for explanation i rather take your word than sony europe.
    I appreciate you guys sending a explanation and the work your doing bringing these games.

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    Dan K

    I just bought all 4 Japanese import games from the Playstation Store. Magical Drop F is very addictive. Keep releasing more Import titles. Good Job!

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    Tatakae Genshijin

    Wow both Data East titles!! *buys them both* Thanks for releasing Magical Drop F it’s just as good as Magical Drop 3. I’m going to help make a guide + translation soon for the RPG mode for GameFaqs soon.. There is other Data East PSOne titles that need to be on PSN… (Imports that USA citizens can play.)

    3 Arcade Hits!!

    Soukyu-Gurentai: Oubushustugeki

    Info – http://bit.ly/dZtaRJ

    Videos – http://bit.ly/h20zDW , http://bit.ly/fjJSsU , http://bit.ly/i2a4SI , & http://bit.ly/htKGE4

    Wolf Fang: Koukiba 2001

    Info – http://bit.ly/eG46Dz & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_Fang

    Video Playlist – http://bit.ly/euVmDp

    Magical Drop III + Wonderful!

    Info – http://bit.ly/gy5UiN

    It comes with both Magical Drop III & Magical Drop Plus 1 ( A Director’s Cut of the 1st Magical Drop game! We need all the the PSOne Magical Drop ports on PSN! Magical Drop is my crack and I need it constantly! ) …

    PSX Music – http://bit.ly/dKjN7Z

    Ya earned yaself a new follower and I support what ya doing for the West. (Data East won’t be forgetten!)

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    My second entry: Hormonal Hero. Basically, you cotornl the hormones of the pilot who is either a rambunctious teenage boy, or a budding teenage girl. Now, here’s the kicker, you only have influence over one hormone at a time until later levels, so you can increase testosterone, estrogen, adrenaline, etc. Should you overuse the hormones too much, your character will change gender (requires different strategies on the fly), die, or go hysterical and have a brief super power up before having to rest (think Hyper Beam from Pokemon). So you can increase various aspects of the character’s efforts, but you never cotornl the person directly. It sounds fun to me.

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