Well we’re a few months into our new venture and we’ve put out a lot of gaming in that time. Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids will mark the 13th and 14th additions to the MonkeyPaw classic game portfolio. And we have a lot more surprises planned for our retro-gaming fans.

But we’d like to ask your assistance – Tell your friends about what we’re doing and get the word out. We know our core fans are dedicated gamers and that you’ve picked up titles aplenty. But we need to have more people in our kitchen if we’re going to make a better soup. We need a bigger response so that we can influence more Japanese companies. We need to show them there is a viable market and that it is worth their effort. It is like voting with dollars. Spend more on the candidates of your choice!

Here’s a good choice for shooting fans. Dezaemon Plus! is a chance to play game god. You get to create a game using a robust game editor that allows you to create sprites, level designs, boss characters, music and more. Use parallax scrolling and other game design techniques to create a completely original game. Then play or trade with friends using a memory stick on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.

It is hard to put a premium on a game mechanic that keeps on giving but surely the Breakout mechanic (to give it a name) is one of the most enduring in all gaming. There is something so retro to sliding your paddle along that horizontal plane that it just feels like anyone could pick up a joystick and play.

So how can you improve on the mechanic? Gather some great game minds, throw in a little Japanese spice and you can actually pull it off. The Japanese have a penchant for copying (does your Lexus look like a BMW?). But they manage to make improvements so that the copy becomes better than the original. So two games might look similar but the play of the new and improved version is quite remarkable when you sit down and play. And that is what you get when you play Blockids.

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    Andrew Brewer

    Hey I just wanted to say good job with everything so far. I have been loving all the imports and Working Designs RPG’s that you have released so far, and both of these releases are just adding to that.

    I was just wondering when you guys are going to be getting the forums up and running correctly, because right now there is no way to register for the forums. With the release of Dezaemon Plus the forums would be a great place to let other people know about your SHMUP creations and where they could download them.

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    srry 2 be annoying and keep posting about getting these games 2 EU but i was wondering if you guys are going 2 publish in EU are you going 2 publish all these games right away or are we gonna have 2 wait weeks i was kinda hoping on getting them all at once.

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    captian miserable

    i gotten every game but blockkids tall unlimited and money idol
    keep them coming. looks like its time to get tall u and blockkids since nothing new is out. told all my friends who care ( just the hard cores)the ones who dont aren’t even gamers , casual gamers are hard on the game industry.oh was very surprised at getting dezaemon plus, awesome if only dezaemon 2 got ported to ps then that would be great, waiting for arc 3 is there any gunners heaven in the works? or silhouette mirage, Ridegear Guybrave, PuLiRuLa JP Ver, Panzer Bandit, Nekketsu Oyako, Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force, Lucifer Ring, Legend by Toka, Hokuto no Ken: Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu, Gear Senshi Dendoh, Crisis Beat, Gekido 1 & 2, Tomba! 1 &2, Chippoke Ralph no Daibouken, Cheesy , Chou-Kousoku Gran Doll , Cyborg Kuro-Chan , Fuuun Gokuu Ninden, Ganbare Goemon: Oedo Daikaiten, Ganbare Goemon: Shin Sedai Shuumei ,Ganbare Goemon: Uchukaizoku Akogingu ,Gegege no Kitarou: Gyakushuu! Youkai Daichisen ,Great Battle VI , Groove Adventure Rave Plue No Daibouken , Gussun Paradise, Hermie Hopperhead , Kaisoku Tenshi: The Rapid Angel ,Shake Kids! , Ten Made Jack and thats not even any shooters but from what ive seen your on the right track.

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    Andrew Eidson

    I just wanted to say thanks for releasing these. I’ve already imported half of these though, which I think says something about about your choice in releases.

    I’ll try to get the word out, we usually talk about them on my podcast. Anything I can do to help get people trying out these amazing games

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    Oh man, Dezaemon+ sounds like a steal from what I heard and saw.
    Sure, nothing like Dezaemon 2 on the Saturn, but it’s pretty dang sweet for what it is. 😀
    Would be fun if the PSN had Saturn ports in it, though…

    Welp, buying D+ as we speak~

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    Hey MaXX,
    Glad you liked Dezaemon Plus. We are thinking of picking up Dezaemon Kids, a semi-sequel, depending on the popularity of this one. Please spread the good word and thanks for your support.

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    Hey Captain,
    Well you are our core target market. Man, you know your Japanese games. That’s quite the list. We will do our best to go after some of them. Arc 3 will be coming after the New Year, and we’re actively looking to pick up Silhouette Mirage, Chippoke Ralph, Rapid Angel and a few others on your list. The fact is, however, sales need to pick up with our current portfolio in order to impress upon Japanese publishers that this is indeed a viable market. Only positive sales numbers can move their needle. So please tell your friends about our games and hopefully we can get a majority of the games on your wonderful list. Thanks!

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    Hi Dgnfly, Don’t worry, you’re not annoying! In fact, we love the dedication. We are now in the process of finishing the contract with Sony Europe so that these titles will be available to our friends and fans over the Atlantic. It should take a few more weeks but hopefully sometime in Jan/Feb you’ll be able to enjoy the same access to these games as in the US. So please don’t get discouraged.

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    Hi Andrew, Thanks for your comments. We have a good relationship with the ex-Working Design guys and love their work so we hope to continue that relationship with more great games. Sorry about our forum, or lack thereof. We have been trying to get a good system in place as we would really like to take comments and for users to be able to speak within the community on game play and other issues they might encounter. We hope to have something for you soon. As you mention, it would be a great place to trade Dezaemon Plus info. In the meantime, enjoy the game!

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    Hi Kaidoracer,
    We’ve been going after the rights holder of DonPachi. Its been difficult. It is a case where there are actually multiple rights-holders and when you split the already miniscule revenues, they become uninterested in putting the legal and overhead into doing a deal. If we can generate proportionate sales, maybe they’ll come around. But so far, sales of games now in the portfolio are not big enough to convince them. Please help us get the word out and it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, especially with shooters as we’ve seen the best response from that category so far.

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    I bought Dezaemon Plus, andi have to admit, it’s quite cool (editing and gameplay wise) 🙂
    I heard the game was compatible with the PS1 mouse on the original playstation, shame a USB mouse can’t replace it, it would be 200% easier to make stuff in the editor, it’s a pain to use the controller due to the amount of things you can do that requires precision.
    Otherwise i’m glad i bought it, it’s very interesting and enjoyable. 🙂
    *I also love the japanese imports overall. Best thing to happen since a long time*

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