Sometimes nature has a way of calling out the insignificance of why we’re here.  It’s a rude awakening.  We tend to underestimate the power that the good lady possesses, until we’re hit with her full force in a surprising and uncontrolled way.

Everyone has seen the videos and photos of what’s transpired here in Northern Japan.  It will make the top ten list of every recorded disaster.  What’s hard to see is the human aspect of what remains.  First, if it wasn’t for the total preparation that the country practices, the death toll would be innumerably higher.

When the quake struck, the walls and roof shook like a bowl full of jelly.  Imagine a huge jackhammer blasting under your house. Struggling to stand, we watched crows fall out of the trees.  This was not your usual shake and roll.  But no one could image that the worse was yet to come.

Well, actually they did.  As soon as the quake stopped, we turned on the news. They were already talking about 20-30 ft waves approaching.  They were broadcasting time, place and height of the waves, literally just a few minutes after the shaking.  The unluckies were just too close to the shore to evacuate.

Now the fear becomes rolling blackouts, aftershocks, unstable nuclear power plants and finding out who couldn’t heed the tsunami warnings.  There is a real fear across the country. People don’t trust what the government says.  The trains aren’t running, no one is going to work.  There’s going to be lots of suffering and a huge bill to pay.

But through all that, the Japanese spirit endures. Their resilience is nothing short of amazing.  No one is bitching, just surviving.

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