UPDATE: This was an April Fools joke. No burgers were harmed during the process of making this post.

Hokkaido, Japan – April 1, 2011 – MonkeyPaw Games is proud to announce the return of Burger King’s famous international mascot The Burger King to videogames. The Burger King will be featured in an expansive Downloadable Content pack for the upcoming retro revamp BurgerTime HD, slated to hit all major consoles and PC in summer 2011. The DLC will be free
once gamers make required purchases of BK food items in the Summer of Yum promotion.

As perhaps the most popular advertising character ever realized, the King was initially known as a little creepy, but his friendly demeanor and helpful overtures to hungry masses of burger-lovers in television land has earned a special place in the hearts of many. Now gamers will get the chance to spend some quality time in a 3D rotational world with His Royal Badness doing what he does best – making delicious burgers from quality ingredients and innovating new tastes while avoiding demonic weenies, maniacal pepper shakers, and crazy eggs.

However, the quality ingredients don’t just show up at franchisees stores. Key to the game will be important, PETA-approved, educational mini-games like “Meat Reality”, where players name a special calf on the farm, raise it, then take it to the “Boo Boo House” where it quickly becomes kobe-quality marbled USDA beef by the loyal ranch hand Herb. Another big episode sure to be a fan-favorite is an episode called “Oblivious Chicken”, where The King puts his Sneak King skills to use again, tracking the pampered fowl, then sending them to a better place in mouth-watering BK chicken creations with a precise swipe of the analog stick by players.

“All of us knew from the beginning that having The Burger King involved with BurgerTime HD was an obvious choice. We just didn’t know how fantastic the final product would become because of it. The King is one of the most recognizable icons in the culinary world, and fans continue to flock to the character’s mystique to this day,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. “It takes a big personality to craft an enormous burger, and The King is the best. Even Peter Pepper would agree that sharing space with him is a huge plus for gamers and burger-lovers everywhere.”

Players will be delighted to learn that the game’s developers, Frozen Codebase, have also been hard at work making their excellent work in BurgerTime HD even better in the Delicious Edition, adding features like one-hand mode which allows completely one-handed play, allowing gamers to enjoy real mouth-watering BK Burgers while they direct The King to make more. They’ve also integrated it with the optional KingSense™ mask that will be available with additional BK food purchases. The KingSense™ mask is designed to look like The King and sensors inside it detect a player’s face state, making the game easier or harder until there are nothing but smiles while playing. It also can activate auto-slow-mo while the player is distracted, such as while taking a bite of their BK burger, fries, or desserts.

The Delicious Edition can be earned by finding BK condiment packets with the Summer of Yum logo that have specific winning promotional numbering on them and exchanging them all in-store with $1.98 for the download code. The condiment numbers for this promotion are: ketchup packets numbered 8, 16, and 42 – mustard with numbers 15 and 23 – and mayonnaise with number 4. KingSense™ masks can be earned, while supplies last, by collecting 7 King Medallions. Each Whopper Value Meal order with chocolate milk and a Hershey’s pie combo will come with a King Medallion. There are no drink or dessert substitutions allowed to earn the Medallion. Players that are lactose intolerant will have to suck it up to party with The KingSense™ mask.

BurgerTime HD will be released in Summer 2011, and the Delicious Edition DLC will be available at a BK near you on the same release date. For more updates, head to www.burgertimehd.com.

BurgerTime HD: Delicious Edition

About BurgerTime HD: Delicious Edition

BurgerTime HD: Delicious Edition is an extension of the original 1982 classic that involves creating gigantic burgers while dodging zany condiments trying to thwart the culinary formations of Chef Peter Pepper. The Delicious Edition takes gamer love of that 1982 classic and heaps on mouth-watering BK creations and the awesome presence of The BK King. It is the very first console game to feature gaming nostalgia, burgers and sides, an advertising icon, and PETA-approved educational minigames about where our food comes from. BurgerTime HD: Delicious Edition will be available for major consoles and PC this summer and can be earned at
a BK near you by purchasing food items and/or collecting specially marked condiment packets. Guinness Book certification as the most unique game in the world is applied for and will surely be awarded in 2011.

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    Dick Niggerson

    Lol. Good one. You had me until you got to the King Sense Mask, and the specially marked condiments with the Lost numbers as the winning numbers.

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    C’mon, MonkeyPaw. Add this as DLC and you’ve got a couple more bucks from me.

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    Game Rumble

    Wow! This is EPIC! I remember playing this game when I was very small! We’ll be featuring this game in our blog, hope to get our hands on at least with the PC version. Thanks!

  5. avatar
    Robbie Walker

    The Burger King not meant for Burger Time? Shut up and take my money, Monkey Paw! The Burger King deserves to be on a burger-themed game!

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