MonkeyPaw strives to give you Japanese games you’ve always wanted but no one delivered. So if there were a game with universal appeal and was widely requested, you’d think we’d be all over it. Well, we are! Retro fans will now have something to talk about at the water cooler. Because today, we’re announcing Tomba!, the critically-acclaimed side-scrolling novel adventure game on the PlayStation®Network.

Created by legendary producer Tokuro Fujiwara, the man behind Ghouls ‘N’ Ghosts and Mega Man, Tomba! comes from a great lineage and still produces a unique gaming experience. The game deftly mixes sprite characters and polygon backgrounds to produce a beautiful and humorous romp. Tomba! is classic platforming but also throws in rich, adventure/RPG elements and balanced puzzle solving. With smooth exploration mechanics, satisfying graphics, stellar presentation and fantastic controls, it’s hard to find fault with this Japanese gem.

The unique levels and subquests of Tomba! will amaze you with their witty challenges, as no quest is ever the same. You’ll find yourself going back again and again to help your little pink-haired caveboy overcome his pig-enemies. Tomba! will take you on a ride that you won’t want to get off.

This is not your average platformer. It is our number one requested game from Japan. So, see why everyone wants this lost classic and look for it soon in the PSone® Classics section. And keep those game requests coming by following us on Twitter or Facebook!

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