MonkeyPaw Games strives to bring you exciting content from Japan. Today we’re announcing the anticipated digital download release of Class of Heroes II on the PlayStation®Network. The digital release, playable on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and PlayStation®Vita system will give users a chance to play the game with a beautifully localized adaptation, care of our partners at Gaijinworks. We plan to release the translated game this fall.

This series has been very successful in Japan where our friends at Acquire Corp. have produced multiple versions across multiple platforms. Each version builds on the last and the level of play has dramatically increased with each release. The game offers dungeon-crawler fans heroic and charming characters, hordes of nasty monsters, challenging quests, deep and appealing storylines and endless hours of strategic gameplay.

Japanese RPGs have a strong following in North America and Europe as we’ve discovered with our stable of hits such as Vanguard Bandits, Alundra and the Arc the Lad series. These games had a common thread in that Working Designs was the North American publisher and localization house. Their reincarnation has brought us into contact with Victor Ireland and Gaijinworks and we’re pleased to have them working with us on this game as well. Fans of their work will be equally pleased when they see the magnificent job they’ve done with Class of Heroes II.

While the Japanese console market has winnowed the past few years in the face of mobile gaming, some production houses continue to put out RPG material and populate a steadfast and loyal fanbase with quality releases. Acquire Corp. is one such resolute production house. They understand the process where RPGs are based on a series and the story arcs are fulfilled through constant enhancement and progression. The Class of Heroes series has followed that line and we look forward to more releases by our friends in Akihabara.

We hope everyone has a chance to play Class of Heroes II, as its rejuvenated release is streamlined with a more robust experience. We believe our fans will appreciate how the game has elevated and what a premium localization can do for a deep game like this. It is a pleasure to be a part of this effort and to have our stamp on a series that will attain the same plateau of excellence in the West as it has in Japan.

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    Chris C

    I am curious. After looking at Gaijin’s website, and seeing 2 possible physical cover arts, are you part of the physical release or is that Gaijin? Also, which is for kickstarter people and which isn’t? I voted for one of those two, and the way the wording sounded, I may not get the box art of my choice even though I voted on it and it won, and having never played the first game before, being screwed like that would take what motivation I had to buy a Victor Ireland game and just flush it down the toilet. I take my art very seriously, its why I bought all of the CE’s and LE’s I have gotten over the years.

    Since Gaijin’s website has neither a place to post in a forum, or a comment section like here, I chose to post here to get my grievances out. I am one of the people who put in for the poll Gaijin had, and thinking I will get what I consider the far inferior cover on the right has me kind of annoyed.

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