MonkeyPaw Games was brought to life on the umbilical cord of digital distribution. Digital just makes sense: cut out the middleman, get more obscure product to market, offer fans updates on the fly, etc. But there are pitfalls to digital as well: the more product on market, the less visibility you have.

So discoverability is a key ingredient in bringing the games into focus. Since we founded Imports on the PlayStation®Network, we have attracted the interest from fans of J-RPGs, shooters, fighters and other Japanese-inspired genres. We hope our core audience will spread the word on all our zany titles and help push our portfolio to others on the edge.

To further that discoverability, this week we have embarked on a promotion with our friends at Raptr, the prolific gaming social network. MonkeyPaw Games will offer users a free game from our collection of Imports, Classics and Retro Evolution. The first 1500 eligible contestants will receive a voucher code to one random game on our portfolio of games in the PlayStation®Network.

We want to reward our fans with a show of appreciation. Our hope is that, while checking out our line-up, fans will become more familiar with our site, content and philosophy. Let’s get the word out that there are some wild and wacky Imports just waiting for your hands to bring them to life. See the terms and conditions of our contest and check out all the fun games on our new video below.

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