MonkeyPaw Games is happy to announce the launch of BurgerTime World Tour for the networked game streaming service, OnLive. For the first time, BurgerTime fans will get to experience this modern day classic on the OnLive platform, which caters to PC, Mac and Tablet gaming platforms.

BurgerTime World Tour is a maturation of the arcade classic enhanced with an innovative 3D rotating environment and elevated retro gameplay. By cylindrically rotating the field, we’ve expanded and amplified the world while also generating a 3D feel. And by adding new platforming features and rocket rides, we’ve deepened the complexity in navigating the rotational world. Boss characters and new enemies magnify the hurdles and create new tactics while players strive to make those tasty burgers.

BurgerTime World Tour makes you hunger for retro evolution where we bring back the best of the past but with new twists and next-gen graphics. Re-live the burger madness in its full fast food form: over 40 levels, four worlds, rocket rides, exciting boss battles and platforming elements mixed in with the classic BurgerTime mechanics.

All OnLive users – download a free demo of BurgerTime World Tour.

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