I mentioned a bit ago that we have some new titles on tap, teased a few images and left you all guessing. The time is now to announce our newest lineup!

If you are too excited, you can jump right to the hub page for the Retro Rush.

Very soon you’ll be seeing the following titles:

  • Wolf Fang
  • Lucifer Ring
  • Hyper Crazy Climber
  • Double Dragon
  • The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • Tomba! 2

However, we aren’t going to be releasing all these games at once. With the new year, we wanted to ring it in with an event that celebrates these classic games. This event is the Retro Rush.

We came up with the Retro Rush to highlight each and every one of these titles so they get their time to shine. Starting January 14, with Double Dragon, we’ll bring a new PSone Classic on the PSN for the PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP each week. It all leads up to the biggest, most anticipated game – Tomba! 2 – on February 18.

You might remember originally that we said Tomba! 2 wouldn’t be one of the titles we were releasing. It wasn’t going to be until what we’ve been calling a New Year’s miracle happened that we were able to add it on to the Retro Rush event. It’s one of those serendipitous things where all the pieces fell into place at the right moment.

That said, the Retro Rush is coming! Get ready!

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    Awesome! Thank you guys so much. You said it yourselves, it’s a miracle! I hope to get the Tomba! pair as soon as 2 goes up on PSN.

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    Hi there,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for continuing your support of PSone games on the PS Vita. Really looking forward to the Retro Rush… that is, of course, if it’s coming to the EU PSN store at the same time. Can you confirm this? Or are these games announced just for the US PSN for the time being?

    Many thanks,

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    Great selection of imports! I would love to get to play most of them. That said, any chance these will see a release on the EU shops?

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    Thank you very much for these games. But tell me please will you ever port on PS Vita such games as Warzone 2100, Vigilante 8 and Vigilante 8: Second Offense, Road Rash: Jailbreak, Mechwarrior 2 from PS One? I like these games and i would like to play it on my PSV.

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    Ok I JUST checked your site for Tomba 2 info the other day and there was nothing. Then a commenter on kotaku mentioned that you were releasing it and I b-lined over here to see. THANK YOU! I will be buying this the moment it hits. Seriously, this made my month.

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    Ryan Olsen

    So the Retro Rush games are coming to the US only for now. Titles like Tomba! 2 are already on the EU store.

    Also, thanks for the suggestions! We love to hear your input and really helps us tackle the next imports to hunt down 🙂

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    Jim F

    This is a great selection! I will be picking up several, including Firemen 2 (even though I’ve already dl’d on the Japanese PSN!) That way I can play it on my Vita!

    Might I humbly request you consider bringing SCEJ’s PaneKit to the US PSN as well? That game is great, in so many insanely creative ways.

    Since its release in Japan in 1995, the advent of the “crafting” genre and “user generated content” games like Little Big Planet means the biz has finally caught up with PaneKit’s gameplay! I mean, who doesn’t want an INFINITE CRAFTING TOY CASE? PaneKit is perfect, yes?

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    It would be great to have the same releases in the US and in Europe, we’re quite hungry for PS1 imports in Europe. You’ve already put some nice games on the PSN EU but the US seems to be getting more x) thank you in advance 🙂

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    Ryan Olsen

    Nothing to announce for Europe but when we have info to share for game releases, we’ll let everyone know here!

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    Wait, so did you guys manage to get the US release to work? Or is it the EU one? Because Playstation Blog, in their “The Drop” section lists the game as an import but uses the “Evil Swine Return” title. The Japanese title is the Wild Adventures. Are we getting an English language version or is this a typo?

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    I would also like confirmation about which version of Tomba 2 we are getting. PS Blog lists it as an import which better not be the case. If it isn’t the North American version I don’t see the point.

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    Krissy Green

    Anyone know how to make it english instead of Japanese??????

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