Just wanted to give everyone an update that we hit a legal hurdle with Hyper Crazy Climber that means it won’t be releasing the game as the fourth title in the Retro Rush as planned. We did everything we could to sort out the matter as quickly as possible, but we weren’t able to get the problem solved in time for the February 4 release day. We’ll update everyone as soon as we know the new release date for Hyper Crazy Climber.

It’s never easy to decide on holding back a release, however, it was a precaution we needed to take. We’re sorry to all the fans that were looking forward to the release tomorrow and we are working as hard as we can to bring it to the PlayStation Network as soon as we can.

If you were wondering if this could happen to other Retro Rush titles. It won’t. This problem is unique to this one title and does not affect any of the other games. The releases will resume February 11 with Wolf Fang.

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