The Retro Rush just wrapped up and many of you have sent us messages wondering where Hyper Crazy Climber went after we ran into a legal hurdle. We are still ironing it out and hope to have it in the stores soon. We’ll keep you updated as we get more news and closer to a release.

Another thing to note is we updated the Tomba! 2 Walkthrough on the site to add the second part to the game. You can jump to that right HERE.

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    How about changing that tomba 2 box art and making it more obvious that it’s an import instead of tricking hundreds of people into buying it. Never buying anything from you guys

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    John Andersen

    Legal issues are no fun, but thanks for putting forth the effort in working out the legal issue on this Nichibutsu/Nihon Bussan game.

    I would for you guys to release the NMK version of Tecmo’s “Mighty Bomb Jack” but I imagine that must be tough (trying to track down NMK for one thing! Maybe Tecmo owns that one outright?).

    Love the effort you’re putting into creating new advertising material and art assets in getting new players (young and old). Even that stuff has legal issues surrounding it sometimes. Keep up the great work!

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