BurgerTime World Tour Now $4.99 Until April 30

We wanted to let everyone know that BurgerTime World Tour received a notice that the licensing is expiring. On April 30, 2014 the game will be taken off of digital store fronts. In essence, the game is being taken off the MonkeyPaw Games menu.

If you haven’t played the game yet (and want to play it before it becomes unavailable) we’ve dropped the price by 50% to a delicious $4.99 so you can experience the reimagined classic with boss fights, platforming action and power-ups.

It’s never easy when we need to take a game down and it is something we strive to keep up as long as possible and extend. The thing is, when working with classic franchises and retro games, it’s not always possible due to contracts and licensing.

It looks like the Xbox version is still not reflecting the price drop. We submitted and got approval for a sale on the game but it was never shown in the store. We’re working on why that happened.

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7 Responses to BurgerTime World Tour Now $4.99 Until April 30

  1. avatar Malcolm says:

    Will the Xbox Live version also be discounted to $4.99? Thank you.

  2. Oooohh, is this 50% off discount just for America? It’s still showing up as $11.75 on the Australian PS Store. Cheers.

  3. avatar AmyGrrl says:

    When does the sale start? I’ve been checking the XBLA version and its still listed at $9.99. Is the sale region specific?

  4. avatar Daniel says:

    Still $9.99 on XBLA

  5. avatar Powerlord says:

    The XBLA and WiiWare copies are still listed as $9.99 and 1000 Nintendo points respectively… only the PSN version went down to $4.99.

  6. avatar Octantis says:

    I looked for BurgerTime World Tour on XBLA and it is still listed at $9.99. Is the price drop incoming or is there an issue with the price change? Thanks.

  7. avatar Craig Russell says:

    If you were hoping to grab it before the end of today, I am sad to say it is already gone from XBLM. Drat. If anyone knows where they might still sell a 360 DL code for this one, please pass that information along. Thank you.

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