The COMPLETE Tomba! 2 walkthrough is now available on the Tomba! 2 page here on the MonkeyPaw Games site. If you want to jump to the section with all the extra missions, you can do so HERE.

What’s super cool about the extra missions guide is that it walks you through the “Who’s the Liar” quest and pull some of the Japanese characters out that will help you figure it out. I know that a lot of you have been asking about it and the tips in the guide will help you conquer the quest.

A big thanks to Stuart who wrote the guide! He sent over some stats that are very impressive and shows the amount of detail and depth he took when preparing this guide:

  • 27000+ words
  • 200+ screenshots
  • 100+ hours to complete
  • 3 months to totally scour every nook and cranny in the game

This is the final entry into the Tomba! 2 walkthrough since there isn’t any more game to walkthrough. Thanks for everyone to checking it out and following along!


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