A couple of new tidbits for you all to get excited for while we prep the release of Class of Heroes 2G in August. Yep! We are going to be releasing the game next month in both physical and digital versions. Mind you, you’ll need to get your physical version order in very soon to actually get a disc shipped right to you.

What can you expect from the dual-screen features, exclusive to the North American version?

For starters, it is accessible to anyone with a copy of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3. Adventurers will also need a PSP or PlayStation Vita to link to the game to display the second screen.

The second screen will allow players to get constant access to important details like in-game maps, comprehensive character status/information and detailed enemy descriptions along with what loot they drop.

Not only will the PSP or PlayStation Vita offer the extra nuggets of valuable information but allow players to fully control the on-screen action for Class of Heroes 2G, creating a fully immersive experience.

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