sad_puppyWe’ve been getting a lot of a questions in our email and social media channels something along the lines of the following:

“Hey MonkeyPaw Games! I missed out on the pre-sale of the CoH2G physical package. Is there any way I can still get a copy of the game?” 

As you can probably tell with the terribly sad puppy, you might not like the answer. Truth is, we hate disappointing our fans (we seriously love you all!) but due to the costs associated with getting a game pressed, packaged and shipped, this was always a one-time event.

There is a silver lining to all this.

First, the game has always been planned as a digital release. When we release Class of Heroes 2G soon, you’ll be able to download this right from the comfort of your own home on the PlayStation Network. You’ll also see the game is less expensive since we’re passing along the cost savings from not packaging up the game.

Second, during the pre-sale campaign, Video Games Plus contacted us to get copies to sell from their location. This is the only retailer, we know of, that has copies of the game to purchase. One thing to note – they are based in Canada so keep that in mind for purchase and shipping decisions.


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