A funny thing happens once you’ve been heads-down in your work, racing as fast, and as carefully, as you can to bring the much anticipated Class of Heroes 2G out in both physical and digital forms: The moment you have something to update with, the website goes kaflooey.

To spare you all the details, it took some sorting out with our hosting becauseĀ a “guest” decided to take up residence in our corner of the internet and didn’t exactly want to leave.

That does mean, however, some comments and other bits of data might be missing from the recovery. We’re hoping nothing too important got lost in the recovery, but from the looks of it, most of the stuff is there.

If you had a burning question for us that didn’t get through, the contact form is now back and working as it should. By “as it should” we mean totally send us links to incredible GIFs you see or some can’t-miss Japanese game that has been buried for a long time that we need to investigate.

Ok, that should about do it, in terms of, “everything is a-ok again!”

Look for details about Class of Heroes 2G soon.

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