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If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you’ve likely noticed the MonkeyPaw Games Instagram account being flooded with images of a plushie Tomba taking selfies and doing silly things. The question we keep getting is, “What does this mean for the Tomba franchise? Is there going to be a new Tomba?”

The answer, to be to-the-point, is no. We’re just having a bit of fun with a memorable character and want to give him some exposure since so many people love him as a mascot. The Instagram community also loves and displays cool retro gaming memorabilia and this is our contribution to that group. We’d love if you followed along and gave us suggestions as to what kind of situations or photo-ops Tomba can do next.

The other question we get asked about the Tomba plushie is, “Where can I get one?!” Now THAT is an interesting question…

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    Well, there’s always another Kickstarter to reproduce that plush, right? ;P

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    Will Tomba!2 ever be released in English on the US PSN? I know that there is a strategy guide posted online by Monkey Paw, but I’d love to have the game in English.

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    Tomba 2 english on US PSN would be the best thing ever imagin how uch that would sell

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