What’s That? Class of Heroes 2G Digital Release Arrives June 2?!

As one school starts to come to an end, Crostini Academy of Adventuring Arts is going to start accepting new students with Class of Heroes 2G arriving on the PlayStation 3.

How soon you ask?

The PSN digital release date is set for June 2, 2015 for $44.99. We just recently got word the game was through all the final checks and clearances for digital sale and we didn’t want to hold it back a second longer.

You’ve probably heard all about the additional content like bigger boss battles, more maps and loot, but the one feature we are most proud of is the dual-screen mode.

If you have a Vita (or PSP works too), you can control most of the game with the second screen. Not only is it a fantastic way to control the game, you get the added benefit of having a second screen to display critical information at all time.

This hasn’t been done in an RPG before. Ever. And it’s exclusive to the North American version of the game. It’s incredibly simple to pair the devices and start getting unprecedented information of all your characters all at the same time.

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