MonkeyPaw Games is about bringing the games home.  We started as a digital download publisher in 2009 by hosting lost Japanese games in the West.  We felt many Japanese classic games needed exposure in Western markets, a risk some Japanese publishers weren’t willing to take.

So we helped create the Import section on the PlayStation®Network, bringing forgotten titles like Cho Aniki, Alundra, Arc the Lad, Tomba! and many others to Western gamers.  We also developed an evolution of retro by re-envisioning the arcade classic BurgerTime World Tour.

We’ve gained a healthy critical mass.   But some of our favorite games are still stuck in Japan, lying in wait.  It is our commitment to bring these titles to you, either through a direct import, a localized rendition or an evolution of a quintessential game mechanic that becomes a modern classic.  Play with us and we’ll keep you in the game.