MonkeyPaw Games is about bringing the games home. We started as a digital download publisher in 2009 by hosting lost Japanese games in the West. We felt many Japanese classic games needed exposure in Western markets, a risk some Japanese publishers weren’t willing to take.

Next, we needed a place to bring the games. So, we helped create the Import section on the PlayStation®Network, bringing forgotten titles like Cho Aniki, Alundra, Arc the Lad, Tomba! and many others to Western gamers. We’ve also developed re-envisionings of retro arcade classics.

Currently, we have published over 25 of these classic, rare and import titles, however, some of our favorite games are still stuck in Japan, lying in wait. It is our commitment to bring these titles to you, either through a direct import, a localized rendition or an evolution of a quintessential game mechanic that becomes a modern classic.

Join our quest to bring back classic games and celebrate the retro roots that make gaming great.