Update on Class of Heroes 2G – We’re Close!

CoH2G_box_altWe’re getting really close to getting Class of Heroes 2G into the hands of the faithfully waiting PS3 owners. As always, we are taking our time to make sure that everything about the game is in as good of shape as it can be.

The team at GAIJINWORKS has been tracking down the final, pesky bugs that were hard to reproduce but critical to fix. The results of their fantastic hardwork and late nights have paid off and we’re inching closer to a final release.

In addition to getting the final game ready, for our physical game backers, we’ve been starting  to get together all the pieces to get the super limited edition version of the game assembled.

More news soon. Stay tuned!

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Can You Still Get a Physical Copy of Class of Heroes 2G?

sad_puppyWe’ve been getting a lot of a questions in our email and social media channels something along the lines of the following:

“Hey MonkeyPaw Games! I missed out on the pre-sale of the CoH2G physical package. Is there any way I can still get a copy of the game?” 

As you can probably tell with the terribly sad puppy, you might not like the answer. Truth is, we hate disappointing our fans (we seriously love you all!) but due to the costs associated with getting a game pressed, packaged and shipped, this was always a one-time event.

There is a silver lining to all this.

First, the game has always been planned as a digital release. When we release Class of Heroes 2G soon, you’ll be able to download this right from the comfort of your own home on the PlayStation Network. You’ll also see the game is less expensive since we’re passing along the cost savings from not packaging up the game.

Second, during the pre-sale campaign, Video Games Plus contacted us to get copies to sell from their location. This is the only retailer, we know of, that has copies of the game to purchase. One thing to note – they are based in Canada so keep that in mind for purchase and shipping decisions.


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Time is Running Out to Get your Physical Copy of Class of Heroes 2G


You have until the end of the weekend to get an extremely limited edition of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3. After this weekend, the orders will be locked in and the discs will start to be printed. This is the ONE and ONLY time the game will be ever made into a physical version. Want to know what you get with the game? Here is the list:

  • Full color game manual
  • Blu-ray game with full color label
  • Reversible cover insert (both sides are full color)
  • A special hologram with serial number

Looking to get your copy before the bell rings? Click the link below to head to the GAIJINWORKS website to complete your order.

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Dual-Screen Features Detailed for Class of Heroes 2G

A couple of new tidbits for you all to get excited for while we prep the release of Class of Heroes 2G in August. Yep! We are going to be releasing the game next month in both physical and digital versions. Mind you, you’ll need to get your physical version order in very soon to actually get a disc shipped right to you.

What can you expect from the dual-screen features, exclusive to the North American version?

For starters, it is accessible to anyone with a copy of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3. Adventurers will also need a PSP or PlayStation Vita to link to the game to display the second screen.

The second screen will allow players to get constant access to important details like in-game maps, comprehensive character status/information and detailed enemy descriptions along with what loot they drop.

Not only will the PSP or PlayStation Vita offer the extra nuggets of valuable information but allow players to fully control the on-screen action for Class of Heroes 2G, creating a fully immersive experience.

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Competitive Gaming’s Retro Roots

QuarterA team of gamers just won $5 million for playing a video game. To gamers, the amount of money won is notable. To most of the world, competitive gaming is something like discovering a brand new world. To retro game lovers, this is the culmination of a time honored tradition to play a game at a competitive level. Gaming, at its heart, it competitive. It didn’t matter that the graphics were primitive, the gameplay speaks for itself. The desire to be the best in the world at something is a unique human quality that transfers extremely well to the virtual world.

Funny to think the road to that giant prize started with a simple, humble quarter.

In ancient gaming times, players would line up their quarters (for the uninitiated, placing a quarter on an arcade machine held your spot for “next”) for the chance to etch their digital initials in a Hi-Score list at the local arcade. Competitive players would hone their skills at classic arcade games and try and top the best scores in the pre-internet era. It’s funny to think now in the era of online matches, but it was one of the only ways local gaming communities could compare their skills and abilities.

There were no cash prizes, just bragging rights and a chance to go into the Guinness Book of World Records.

In all reality, that was all the great-great-great grandfather to what gamers are seeing with The International. Some arcades would even take it a step further and manually record scores from around the country to have a “master” list of the top players from different parts of the country. If you want to get lost in a rabbit hole, research Twin Galaxies and watch the brilliant documentary Chasing Ghosts – Beyond the Arcade.

Once gaming grew up, more formal tournaments started to crystallize. Events like EVO along with leagues like CPL, CAL and MLG started off small only to increase in size as awareness was building. At that point, competitive gaming at a large scale wasn’t just a distant dream, it was the inevitable. Now gamers will have to watch to see how big competitive gaming will get.

What we saw with the biggest gaming tournament ever, started a long time ago in a galaxy not too far away with a simple quarter.

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