Remembering a Legend: Ralph Baer

ralph_baerThe news is breaking all over the internet that Ralph Baer, the inventor of the first video game, has passed away at the age of 92.

It’s safe to say that because of what he discovered and invented, it gave a voice to a new generation of interactive games. It’s influence spread across the globe and gave each region a rich, distinct voice when expressing itself through a digital medium like video games. Something we can all be extremely grateful for.

There are some incredible stories and profiles on Baer and here are some that are definitely worth your time as we all honor and remember someone who created an entire industry with two rectangles and a square.

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Now Shipping: Physical CoH2G Boxes

Photo Submission by a Twitter Fan

The completed packages for Class of Heroes 2G have started shipping. Because some delivery trucks had engines with Speed +10, a few boxes have landed at doorsteps. A long-time Class of Heroes fan on Twitter, @NostalgicDan, snapped this stunning shot showing the two games we published in the series.

Be on the lookout for these if you pre-purchased your copy and be sure to Tweet a box, manual, Let’s Play, hologram or unboxing to @MonkeyPawGames if you get the chance when you aren’t too busy enjoying the game.

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The CoH2G School Bell is Almost Ringing – Physical Packages Ready

Class of Heroes 2G Printing run of front covers

Here is something you don’t see everyday. A printing proof from our physical copy run of Class of Heroes 2G. GAIJINWORKS has been busier than Santa’s elfs to put these all together for you.

The process for putting together one of these editions for our fans is an involved process. A process that should really be explained once we have a bit more time on our hands to stop shipping and start reflecting. Suffice to say, when the digital realm meets with the physical realm, some interesting things happen.

This picture is just one of the many steps it takes to get a physical box into your hands. A lot of these processes are automated by larger companies, but since we are small and mostly release titles as digital downloads, we do a lot of work by hand when we have the occasion to put together special physical packages.

This means that Class of Heroes 2G is closer than ever. We’ll start updating you again when boxes start to ship.

Does this mean the PSN version is right around the corner too? Technically yes, but it is more complicated than that. There are different rules for physical and digital copies so we’ll be very clear about what version we are talking about when it comes time to getting release date set.

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Aaaaaaand Back Online (Did You Miss Us?)

A funny thing happens once you’ve been heads-down in your work, racing as fast, and as carefully, as you can to bring the much anticipated Class of Heroes 2G out in both physical and digital forms: The moment you have something to update with, the website goes kaflooey.

To spare you all the details, it took some sorting out with our hosting because a “guest” decided to take up residence in our corner of the internet and didn’t exactly want to leave.

That does mean, however, some comments and other bits of data might be missing from the recovery. We’re hoping nothing too important got lost in the recovery, but from the looks of it, most of the stuff is there.

If you had a burning question for us that didn’t get through, the contact form is now back and working as it should. By “as it should” we mean totally send us links to incredible GIFs you see or some can’t-miss Japanese game that has been buried for a long time that we need to investigate.

Ok, that should about do it, in terms of, “everything is a-ok again!”

Look for details about Class of Heroes 2G soon.

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Tokyo Game Show 2014

While we aren’t showcasing any games at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, you better believe that MonkeyPaw Games is crawling around the floor looking at all the latest and greatest gaming has to offer in Japan.

It’s no secret, we love games just as much as our fans and we can’t wait to get our hands on these games just like you all. With the rise of Twitch, we’ll hopefully see a lot of great live video from game news outlets covering some of these so they can be broadcast to the world. For now, Twitter’s #TGS hashtag is brining a lot of fantastic early pictures.

Here is a good picture to see some of the show floor from a Twitter user –

So, what games do you want to see at TGS 2014?

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