Hyper Crazy Climber Now on PSN


If you have been waiting to unleash your hyper, crazy or climber side of you, do we have the import for you!

Hyper Crazy Climber is now out for PS3, PSP and PS Vita. If you haven’t heard of this crazy franchise before, you’ll want to pay attention if you love deliberately difficult controls that take skill and muscle memory to master. You’ll need to operate the left and right side of your character independently to reach the summits. It’ll take expert hand-eye coordination to gracefully climb your way to the peak of beanstalks, clock towers, and other tall structures.

If you want a translation and walkthrough of the menus and features, check out the game page HERE.

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BurgerTime World Tour Now $4.99 Until April 30

We wanted to let everyone know that BurgerTime World Tour received a notice that the licensing is expiring. On April 30, 2014 the game will be taken off of digital store fronts. In essence, the game is being taken off the MonkeyPaw Games menu.

If you haven’t played the game yet (and want to play it before it becomes unavailable) we’ve dropped the price by 50% to a delicious $4.99 so you can experience the reimagined classic with boss fights, platforming action and power-ups.

It’s never easy when we need to take a game down and it is something we strive to keep up as long as possible and extend. The thing is, when working with classic franchises and retro games, it’s not always possible due to contracts and licensing.

It looks like the Xbox version is still not reflecting the price drop. We submitted and got approval for a sale on the game but it was never shown in the store. We’re working on why that happened.

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Hyper Crazy Climber Coming April 15


We now have a release date for Hyper Crazy Climber. The legal hurdles have been scaled and we’re approaching the summit and the flag will be planted on the PlayStation Network on April 15.

Hyper Crazy Climber was a 1996 PS1 Action Game, released by Nihon Bussan in Japan. Based off the 1980 arcade hit Crazy Climber, it featured the same sort of Crazy Climbing action as near as buttons could mimic. Instead of just climbing the same 4 buildings over and over and over though, Hyper Crazy Climber featured a variety of environments like mountains, beanstalks and classic scaffolding.

The controls are deliberately difficult to master since the climbing action will require finding a rhythm to push your character upwards. Of course, there’ll be plenty of obstacles and falling rocks that will try to keep you down so you’ll need beefy muscle memory to make your way to the top.

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Tomba! 2 Walkthrough Part 5 Online!

The Tomba! 2 online walkthrough is now complete through the end of the game. This time we conquer the boss pigs and conclude the story.

It’s now possible to use this guide to finish Tomba! 2 from beginning to end. You can either jump in on Part 5 or start from the beginning.

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Tomba! 2 Walkthrough Part 4 Online


The fourth installment of the Tomba! 2 walkthrough guide is now online.

You’ll get a tour of the last main levels of the game before the beginning the end of the game. After this, you’ll need to get ready to battle some pigs.

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