The PlayStation®Network Import Section offers a unique and dedicated store where users can find the best imports from around the world. MonkeyPaw Games has been instrumental in creating this section and we’ve populated the site with hidden games from Japan that have never seen our shores. Enjoy far-out shooters like Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed, or classics from the vault like Sonic Wing Special, Galaxy Fight, and Shienryu. The list goes on and on. Each game has to exceed a level of excellence and we’ve tried to stress the weird and wacky in our selections. You may not have heard the names but the games are guaranteed to satisfy. Drop by our unique store and try out a hidden Oriental gem.

Please click on a game’s page for more screenshots, trailer, English instructions, and in some cases an exclusive strategy guide. Come back for future updates!

Title Platforms Released

Hyper Crazy Climber

PSN April 15th 2014

Class of Heroes 2G

PS3/PSN Coming Spring 2014

Tomba! 2

PSN February 18th 2014

Wolf Fang

PSN February 11th 2014

The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny

PSN January 28th 2014

Lucifer Ring

PSN January 21st 2014

Double Dragon

PSN January 14th 2014

Class of Heroes 2

PSN June 4th 2013


PSN June 19th, 2012

Arc The Lad III

PSN June 13th, 2012

Vanguard Bandits

PSN November 2011

Dezaemon Kids

PSN November 2011

Rapid Angel

PSN July 2011

Galaxy Fight

PSN December 2010


PSN November

Dezaemon Plus

PSN November 2010

Arc The Lad II & Arc Arena

PSN November 2010

Sonic Wings Special

PSN November 2010

Money Idol Exchanger

PSN November 2010

Tall Unlimited

PSN October 2010

Gaia Seed

PSN October 2010


PSN October 2010

Arc The Lad

PSN October 2010


PSN October 2010

Chou Aniki

PSN September 2010