This is what Texas Hold’em is all about. Time to take stock of your gambling guts. Monkeypaw releases Ante Up: Texas Hold’em for the Nintendo DSi.

The deal comes down. You’re cards are up and the pressure is real. The flop, the turn, the river. The joker to your right is bluffing his way to the pile. You call him and raise the ante. He backs off and folds but Carrie is still challenging you. You’re holding a full house but she’s not bluffing and you go all-in. She’s not taking the bait. The showdown!

If you’ve played Texas in the casino, this is as close as you’ll come without being there. Story Mode allows you to choose from twelve CPU players or play with your buddies in Free Play Mode, which allows up to 8 total players. Our Stat Tracking System (called My Room) allows you to see everything from your total win/loss record, to your winning rates and best hands.

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