Tomba! 2 is back and is available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP through the PlayStation Network.

Continuing the events of the original game, Tomba! is living happily until he gets an anonymous letter that his friend has been kidnapped. Not letting his friend disappear without a trace, Tomba! attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. It quickly becomes apparent that pink colored animals with curly tails traditionally found on farms might hold some clues.

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Tomba! 2 expands on the first game in nearly every way imaginable. Better visuals, more diverse missions and even power suits that grant Tomba! special abilities. The platforming gameplay retains all the classic charms and touches that make the Tomba! series such special games to experience and are truly a platform gamer’s dream. The swine won’t know what hogtied them.

*North American game saves are not compatible with the Japanese import version of Tomba! 2.

Online Instruction Manual and Walkthrough

Tomba! 2 Online Instruction Manual

Tomba! 2 Walkthrough (Click here to start with Part 1 or jump to the other Parts below)

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    Wait, so are you releasing the Japanese version of the game, or the American one? The video you posted is the Japanese one, so I’m just curious

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    Was there any rights issues you guys had with getting the English version of the game? I really appreciate you guys bringing out all these awesome imports, but I’m a little confused, since the first one is in English. Sorry if I sound self-entitled

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    Ryan Olsen

    It’s a fair question! The shortest and best answer I can give why this is the Japanese import is because it worked best with the emulation.

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    Joe Cam

    Really excited to see Tomba! 2 coming to US PSN finally, REALLY bummed that it won’t be in English, but hey, at least I can play it for an affordable price.

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    Yes Tomba 2 was notorious for not playing nice with emulators for some reason. Even the PS2 had some issues running it smoothly. I also seem to recall an issue with the music not looping properly with the US version. Personally, while the lack of English kind of stinks, I’m personally excited regardless. English is hardly required and the items have icons which makes it easy to know what is what.

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    Weird question, but wasn’t the US version of the game released in the EU PSN store last year?

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    So why don’t you guys just give us the European version if the American version is giving you troubles?

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    I prefer the Japanese voiceover (even though I don’t understand what the heck they are saying!), and it will be nice to hear different music. The act of humping pigs transcends all language barriers!

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    Ryan Olsen

    The European version has been available in the European store, correct. However, there was issues with bringing that PAL version to the US store too. Believe me, we tried everything to get an English version but it came down to what worked best.

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    Was it emulation issues? If so, then I’ll understand, because that’s what seems to be the case with other NTSC releases.

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    Why are we getting the Japanese import version? That’s not fair, considering many of the missions are text-based like the liar mission. What a huge bummer. I already bought the Japanese version…

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    Also thought I should mention that this page is titled The Evil Swine Return, yet the game we’re getting is The Wild Adventures.

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    It is interesting that we’re getting the Japanese version-especially since the first Tomba game on PSN is in English-however since I’ve already played through the first game-minus capturing the final pig-and I enjoy Japanese voice acting, for me this is actually a pretty pleasant surprise. I would consider this the definitive version of Tomba 2 personally, however I would like to request that the title would also retain the original Japanese version so it is not mismatched, but either way I’m just so glad you guys brought this to PSN when no one else would have, thank you!

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    Oops, I didn’t mean “the first game”, I meant “the English version (of Tomba 2)” :p

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    will it be available in thailand on the PSN on feb 18? all i care about is tomba 2 its all i like doing and i have bought so many versions but they are all ntsc uc and dont work

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    REALLY bummed that the English version isn’t going to be the one coming on the 18th but still… I get to play Tomba :D!

    Too bad the English OST is superior (in my opinion).

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    Yeah im a little bummed. I haven’t played the original Tomba! 2 so for the most part i have no idea whats going on. But from what i can tell, theres nothing to indicate that you’re buying the Japanese version in the store. I imagine a lot of people are gonna get a surprise.

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    This isn’t really your fault since you freely admit that it is the Japanese version but PSN shows it as Tomba! 2 – The Evil Swine Return and nowhere is is mentioned that it’s in Japanese until the unsuspecting purchaser (that would be me.) has paid their money and downloaded it.

    So now I’ve paid 6 bucks for a game I cannot play. :(

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    James Pesetsky

    I also purchased this expecting the english version. It says The Evil Swine Returns on the page, it has the (superior) american boxart. What gives? I’m out $6 because the US version is a pain to emulate? A heads up would have been nice. It’s no wonder why this fantastic game’s psn page rating is sitting at ~2 stars right now, it’s because customers. feel they have been duped

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    Ryan Olsen

    It was a mistake that those pieces of information didn’t make it to the store listing. We have submitted a change and it will be reflected soon.

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    Ryan Olsen

    So sorry about that! It was mistake that the correct box art didn’t get put into the store listing and we submitted a fix. We do have guides on the site that should help you along, so hopefully that will guide you through the Japanese text.

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    I was a little mad when I loaded up the game and it’s in Japanese, but I got over it still a great game. However for the quest where you have to play the lying games with the 3 girls how the hell am supposed to know which one is lying? Please release in English soon.

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    I was a little angry when I loaded up the game and it’s in Japanese, but I got over it still a great game. However for the quest where you have to play the lying games with the 3 girls how the hell am supposed to know which one is lying? Please release in English soon.

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    Kevin Sawyer

    Can we at least get English subtitles that would help out a lot!! I don’t care about listening to in in Japanese it’s pretty funny but when I first played tomba 2 I had to read everything there was no audio so that would be greatly appreciated since I’m out 6 bucks now

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    Are there any plans on releasing information on the sidequests? While the guide is handy, I’m sure that there’s a lot more to do in the game, like figuring out what’s behind those Laughing/Crying doors as well as the mini doors scattered throughout the game world.

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    Ryan Olsen

    We are working on the side quests. The “Who’s the Liar” quest is something we want to show since it random and hard to guess without knowing Japanese. We’ll post updates to those side-quests when we have our game guide person get to them :)

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    if enough people buy these tomba games will the director make a sequel? (a tomba 3 game)

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    i recently downloaded the game on the vita and i’m having problems with saving…. is there anyway to fix that? or do i have to switch to ps3 to save?

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    I can’t save the game on my Psvita. I’m not too sure what it says, but I know it’s not saving my game. I have to restart from the beginning, when i close the game.

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    Brandon Cole

    I am not impressed I don’t even know how to save because I don’t speak Japanese then on top of that half the things are English couldn’t you do all English subs opposed to some the voices don’t bother me but the menus and the subs do I grew up playing this game and spent so long over the last 2 years looking for it and I seen it was on the market place so I went and bought a PS3 such a huge let down

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    Sorry for bothering you. But has tombi 2 been taken down from psn EU? If so.. why?? And will it be back ^.^

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    Ryan Olsen

    It shouldn’t have come down at all. Search for Tomba! 2 as well. What country are you trying to access the EU store from?

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    Ryan Olsen

    Sorry to hear that. We did our best to help players through the import version with the walkthrough. We are still looking to see if it’s possible to bring the NA version of Tomba! 2 to the store but there are some issues that still need to be worked out first.

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    Denmark.. and I tried searching for both. it doesn’t appear..

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    Will Tomba 2 be released in the UK psn store anytime soon? I have the first one and would love to play the second again.

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    I buy this game…but I cant play it because I dont understand Japanese. Can u pls teaching us how to change the language to a english version……hope you can help me

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    Ryan Olsen

    Hello! Unfortunately, there isn’t a way in-game to change the language. However, we do have an extensive walk-through that can get you through the game here on the site.

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    Ryan Olsen

    Japanese is the only language supported in this import version. Have you checked out the guide here that’ll walk you through the game?

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    First of all, thank you so much for bringing the Tomba! games to PSN! It’s great to play these again without risking harm to the original disks (which are crazy expensive to replace these days).

    That said, I’ve only picked up the first game so far due to the second (my personal favorite) being available only in Japanese.

    I understand you guys are working hard to find a solution and release the English version to PSN. How is that going? Do we have any sort of tentative release date or time period?

    Thanks. Jacob

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    English tomba2 would be grate any date for that yet I know y’all are trying but it would help to have an estamated gess on the relese date

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    First off, thank you for bringing these great games to PSN. Great to play them for 1/10th the cost of a physical copy. It’s completely understandable, in my opinion, as to why it’s only the Japanese version. It’s not like you can call Whoopee Camp anymore to help with coding and emulation. (They’ve disbanded people!) Quick question though, if i have the sufficient save data on my system from the first game in the English version, will the secret Nishiki Birds quests still work on this Japanese version? I really wanna get that red tuxedo! Once again, thanks for the hard work and bringing these great games to a new generation of players.

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    I appreciate the effort of bringing even the Japanese version to PSN I still bought it to play it during my xmas break and in hopes this support will motivate your team not to give up on an english version (ill buy it also lol) But for the love of god please explain the save menu to me because i am currently unable to save on my ps3. Idk if it is the way its supposed to be cuz the import issue but there is virtually nothing in your guides to explain this. Please please please explain. Thanks in advanc .

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    Bob The Brit

    You can get a English version of Tomba 2 on the UK PSN store but that means you’d have to make a PSN account for britain and find a site that sells UK PSN codes as you cant use a Paypal account based in the US for the UK Wallet

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    They definitely need to put the english version in usa psn store.jay said he be having problem saving with the japan version of tomba on the ps3. And also like bod the brit said they got the english version in uk but if us american want to buy it from uk it will cost more.i think us american should have the english version so that we could continue the tomba saved in order to do the extra mission in tomba 2.

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