Being the import version of Tomba! 2, to help non-Japanese speakers through the game, here is a full walkthrough of the game. Let’s begin, shall we?

Fisherman’s Village

Upon starting the game you get treated to a few fully-voiced(in Japanese) cut-scenes and obtain your Notebook and first 2 events [S00: Find Tabby! – Start][S01: Go to the Burning House! – Start]. Right next to where you start is the first SAVE POINT, so take the opportunity to save (Up + Circle in front of the sign with the pen on it). Take care of the Evil Pig by smacking it with your weapon to stun it, then jumping on top of it and throwing it, then hop on top of the see-saw.

Tomba2_Guide_007The seesaw and the Intersection Icon

That icon that just appeared above Tomba means that he’s now at an Intersection, and can change paths with the up or down arrows. Now, go along the see-saw into the background and head for the burning house shown in the previous cutscene. Move the hanging net out of the way by grabbing the crank and spinning it, or climb over it to reach the house. Talk to the old man and he’ll ask you to put the fire out [S01: Go to the Burning House! – Clear].

Tomba2_Guide_008The hanging net with the burning house behind it. Also the Gear for a nearby quest.

Climb the ladder just to the right of the house and try to open the chest by jumping on it [01: A Red Treasure Chest – Start], then keep going right and head down the other ladder. Once you’re back on the path, go left and collect the bucket [S02: Pour the Water In! – Start].

Tomba2_Guide_009The bucket.

There is a brief tutorial on how to use and equip items, which amounts to ‘move the cursor over the item in the Items page of your Notebook and press Circle to equip or use it’. In order to fill the bucket, you’ll need to operate the pumps. Go to where the see-saw mechanisms are and stand on/grab the barrel at one end until it reaches the bottom, at which point the spout connected to the device will start spraying water. Catch one of the sprayed drops in the bucket to finish the current event [S02: Pour the Water In – Clear] and start the next one [S03: Save the Crab! – Start].

Return to the burning house, stand in front of the old man and Use the bucket of water from your Items Page to give it to him. There’s a little cutscene and then he gives you the bucket back and asks for more water, so go repeat the water-getting process and give this bucket to the old man. There’s another cutscene and the fire is put out, finishing the current event [S03: Save the Crab! – Clear]. The old man introduces himself as Kainen, lets you keep the bucket and gives you the Gold Crab you saved, explaining that someone named Win is looking for them. Apparently Win lives in a nearby windmill, which is our next stop. Go to the right past where you found the bucket and climb the pole, then jump off to the right(you can rotate around the pole with left/right). Go left at the intersection for a cutscene and to start the next event [S04: Wind It Up! – Start]. Note that it is also possible to start this event by grabbing the star-shaped item hanging off the net next to the burning house.

Go back to the hanging net and grab the star-shaped gear, then return to the intersection where you got the event. Go to the right and into the house, then talk to the guy there. Tomba will hand over the gear and the man will fix the mechanism and raise the net so you can cross [S04: Wind It Up! – Clear]. A cutscene will ensue in which the guy tells you about catching Golden Crabs, and that you’ll need a Crab Basket to do so [S05: The Crab Basket! – Start].

Waterfall of Heavens

On the net you’ll find 2 fish and a new weapon, the Boomerang. Collect all 3 by jumping on them and then take the Intersection to the door with the fish on it. Press up and Circle to examine the object with the pig-nose design on it to trigger a new event [02: Adventurer’s Chest – Start]. The text here says we need 30,000 AP to open the chest, so we’ve gotta come back later. Go back to the main path and you’ll spot a pig carrying something. Stun the pig and the object will go flying and land on one of the barrels nearby. There’s also a SAVE POINT here, so Save. Hop up the barrels and grab the thing the pig dropped to complete the current event [S05: The Crab Basket! – Clear] and start the next one [S06: Collect the Golden Crabs! – Start]. Just so you know, you’re going to need to have the Crab Basket equipped in order to perform the necessary snatch-n’-crabs.

Keep going left, past the bouncy-plants to the next intersection. Jump from handle to handle, spinning to get the proper height if necessary, until you see the Golden Crab on the platform. Jump on top of it to grab the crab, then drop down to the platform right below you and talk to the fisherman for another event [10: The Stuck Fishhook Line – Start].

Tomba2_Guide_010Crab #1 and the start-point of the fishing line quest

The cutscene shows where you need to go, and also shows you where you can nab the last crab. Now that’s just fab.

Tomba2_Guide_011Crab #2 and the end-point of the fishing line quest

Go back and take the other branch on the intersection, then jump and grab the handle on the wheel. Spin to the left until the wheel stops moving, then jump and grab onto the building’s roof. Climb up and grab/nab the last crab to complete the current event [S06: Collect the Golden Crabs! – Clear] and automatically start the next one [S07: Win’s Windmill! – Start]. We’re not QUITE done here though. Go a bit to the left and grab hold of the fishing hook stuck in the roof(we saw this in the cutscene earlier), and get hauled back to the fisherman we talked to. He’ll extend his thanks and give us the Bird Clothes, also finishing the event [10: The Stuck Fishhook Line – Clear]. With the Bird Clothes equipped, Tomba will glide for a little bit whenever he jumps.

With your snazzy new threads, go into the windmill and talk to the guy, who reveals himself to be Win. Tomba will hand over the crabs, which will do things that drop slabs. Said slabs form a staircase to the next area. There’s a bit of cutscene and you get an event finished [S07: Win’s Windmill! – Clear]. More cutscene happens with Kainen giving you a Red Key, which means you can open up those Red Chests you’ve been seeing around. We’re going to do some of those now, so exit the windmill and go straight to the right. There’s a chest which contains a big gem worth 5000 AP, and will clear an event for us [01: A Red Treasure Chest – Clear]. Keep going rightwards, back to the Save Point and intersection where we found the AP chest. Since we should now have over 30,000 AP, the chest will open when we examine it, clearing one event [02: Adventurer’s Chest – Clear], starting another [03: Adventurer’s Clue – Start], and giving up a Pig Nose Panel, which can be used later. Keep going back to that first Red Chest we found, back at Kainen’s house. When opened, it reveals a ½ Pot of Life that will give Tomba an increase to his maximum Health, once another one is found.

Pipe Area

Now it’s time to move on to the next area. Go back to the windmill and open up the chest to receive the Fast Pants. Go up the spiral staircase made by the slabs and progress to the next area, the Pipe Area. Jump over the fire-blob thing, save at the Save Point, and talk to the guy standing next to it. He explains that the fire-blob things are called ‘Cappers’ and that they’ve been clogging the steam-pipes, meaning that none of the machinery is working and nothing can get done. Fortunately, they can be cleared with an Ice Boomerang, obtaining which is the next objective [S08: Cools Off and Disappears! – Start]. Go towards the right, past the Capper and over the magma chasm. Be warned, Tomba can’t swim without a certain item in this game and he couldn’t swim in magma in ANY game. If you fall in the magma chasm it’s an automatic Game Over. Grab the chain here for a little cutscene that reveals the Ice Boomerang you were after.

Tomba2_Guide_012The Ice Boomerang

Continue heading towards the right, past the Cappers until you reach the intersection. Go ‘down’ and then left past the Cappers.

Tomba2_Guide_013Deal with the Flying Pig, and then hit the gas-spewing anemone with the boomerang to stun it before jumping on it and tossing it away. Right after that is the Ice Boomerang. Get it, get OFF the platform before it descends into the magma chasm, then go back the way you came and hit the Capper with the Ice Boomerang to finish the current objective [S08: Cools Off and Disappears! – Clear] and start the next one [S09: Remove All The Cappers! – Start]. After hitting a Capper with the Ice Boomerang, it turns blue and can be dealt with like any normal enemy.
The Intersection

Continue back the way you came, past the intersection and take out all the Cappers you encounter. When you reach the flaming chain, hit it with the Ice Boomerang to put out the flames, then descend and go to the left, taking out Cappers along the way. When you reach the end, hit the flaming chain with your Ice Boomerang, then descend and head back to the left, taking out more Cappers. Climb the chain at the end of this pipe all the way up and jump back to the right, going back to the intersection and then back towards the entrance of the area. Clear out the Cappers here. If the anemone is hit with a frozen Capper it’ll start an event [45: Sea Anemone’s Burning Dregs – Start]. Hit the Anemone with the Ice Boomerang and collect the remains left where the Anemone was to clear the event [45: Sea Anemone’s Burning Dregs – Clear].

Go back to the right, past the intersection and take out the Cappers here to unblock the last of the Steam pipes and finish the current objective [S09: Remove All The Cappers! – Clear]. Now, use the steam from the vents to jump up to the platform/intersection and go all the way to the right until you reach the door for a cutscene and the next objective [S10: Pull and Open! – Start].

Tomba2_Guide_014The Coal-Mining Town Entrance, with Gran standing outside. One of the chains is on the left side of the image.

You can also trigger this by grabbing the chain just to the left of the door, which will need to be pulled to clear the objective anyway. Go back to the first intersection, drop down and go left, then drop down the hole blasted open by the Capper in the Steam Vent. Jump to the left and grab the chain, then climb up until you see the flaming chain.

Tomba2_Guide_015The other chain to open the entrance. Jump to the left from this chain to reach the pipe shown.

Hit the chain with the boomerang to extinguish the flames, then jump and grab it to open the door and finish the objective [S10: Pull and Open! – Clear]. There is also a SAVE POINT here, so save if you want to, and then jump on top of the archway here to grab some health-restoring fruit and start up another event [30: The Laughing Door – Start]. Go back to the door that was just opened for a cutscene and an event [S12: Let’s Go to Tabby’s House! – Start]. Apparently the guy who was stuck outside is named Gran, he’s the foreman in charge of the Coal-Mining town, and he lives right next door to Tabby. Progress through the door to reach the next area.

Coal-Mining Town

This is the first free-roaming area in the game, which means that Tomba can’t attack or jump and he can move in all directions. The camera will move to align itself behind Tomba if he stands still for several seconds. There is also a mini-map in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Tomba2_Guide_016Coal-Mining Town. Gran’s house(with Gran) is on the left, Tabby’s is on the right

Tabby and Gran’s houses are in the upper-right corner of the mini-map. Go straight from the entrance, up the 2 flights of stairs and enter the house with a red door to finish the event [S12: Let’s Go to Tabby’s House! – Clear]. There’s a cutscene with a mysterious object on the second floor and the next storyline event starts [S13: Wash the Strange Lump! – Start]. According to Gran, there’s a device in the Underground Machine Room that can get the dirt off the mystery object, but nobody can get there due to a hole outside the entrance. This starts another event [S11: Bury it in the Sand! – Start], which can also be triggered by going to the entrance of the Underground Machine Room before going into Tabby’s house. Once the cutscene ends, go back downstairs and open the Red Chest to get a Lunchbox that can be used to restore Tomba’s health if necessary, then exit the house.

Grab the flashing wheelbarrow just outside Gran’s house by going up to it and pressing Circle, then take it to the little alcove at the uppermost part of the mini-map by going under the elevated conveyor belts. Wait for the machine to dump sand into the wheelbarrow and then take it to the hole blocking the entrance to the Underground Machine Room. Tomba will automatically dump the sand into the hole. Repeat this twice more to open the path to the Underground Machine Room and clear an event [S11: Bury it in the Sand! – Clear].

Tomba2_Guide_017Grab the Wheelbarrow here…

Tomba2_Guide_018Load it up here…

Tomba2_Guide_019And dump it out here!

Go back to Tabby’s House and talk to Gran and he will take the muddy lump down to the Underground Machine Room(if the Bury it in the Sand event was completed before entering Tabby’s House, Gran will go there directly after triggering the Wash The Strange Lump event). Go down the newly-accessible ladder into the Underground Machine Room.

Underground Machine Room

Tomba2_Guide_020The Underground Machine Room. The Washing Machine is on the right.

Go to the machine on the far-right and talk to Gran, who will put the dirty thing through the Washing Machine, which comes out on the other side as Charles, Tomba’s monkey friend from the first game. [S13: Wash the Strange Lump! – Clear]. Apparently Charles has also been trying to find Tabby, but ended up trapped in a mudball somehow. After this, a guy named Mole runs up, exclaiming that he’s lost his hammer and wants Tomba & Co.’s assistance in getting it back. According to Mole, the hammer was last seen near the Trolley Stop, making it the next destination. This triggers the next event [S14: Look for the Hammer! – Start]. Now, go back to the Pipe Area, to the spot where the Laughing Door event was triggered. Save here at the SAVE POINT if you want, then go into the Trolley Stop.

Tomba2_Guide_021The Entrance to the Trolley Stop, with Laughing Door above it.

Trolley Stop

As soon as you enter, there’s a cutscene where Tomba finds the missing hammer [S14: Look for the Hammer! – Clear]. Mole runs in and once again asks Tomba for help, but this time it’s for something serious. Gran’s become trapped behind a huge rock in the Pipe Area and needs help! This starts the next event [S15: Blast the Rock! – Start]. Go back to the Pipe Area.

Return to the Pipe Area

Go back to the intersection leading to the Coal-Mining town, and head to the Right. Grab on to the rightmost chain to lower the drawbridge, then hop back to the left. Grab the Bananas by the left chain because they’ll be needed for a future event.

Tomba2_Guide_022The Drawbridge Chains. Hang on the right one to lower it, the left one to raise it.

Run up to the rock for a cutscene with Gran, who tells you that you’ll need bombs to break the rock [S16: Get Bombs! – Start]. Go back to the building at the start of the area and climb up to the door next to the switch. Hit the switch with your Hammer to open the door, then go into the newly-opened room and get the bombs [S16: Get Bombs! – Clear].

Tomba2_Guide_023The Bomb Room and the switch to open it.

Go back to where Gran is trapped and Tomba will automatically use the bombs. Hit the detonator with your Hammer to blow up the rock and rescue Gran [S15: Blast the Rock! – Clear]. There’s a cutscene where Gran tells Tomba that he saw Tabby headed for the Kujara ranch and that the Evil Pigs have put a curse on there too, and then remembers that he was working on getting the Trolley rails fixed before getting trapped behind the rock. Gran then dashes back off to town, not noticing that he dropped the replacement rails he was carrying. Tomba grabs these and starts the next event [S17: Deliver to Gran! – Start]. Before returning to the Coal-Mining town, go back to the steam vent next to where the Ice Boomerang was located and hit the switch right next to it with your Hammer.

Tomba2_Guide_024Hit this switch and ride the steam up to goodies.

Ride the steam up, jump to the platform to the left and grab the item to trigger an event [20: What’s in the Mud? – Start]. Jump up and climb the chain as high as possible, then jump to the right. The Bird Clothes need to be equipped in order to make the jump. The platform that Tomba lands on has a chest containing a ½ Pot of Life, which in combination with the one obtained earlier will grant Tomba an extra unit of Vitality. Now return to the Coal Mining Town.

Return to Coal Mining Town

To start with, head back to the Underground Machine Room and wash the mudball you acquired in the Washing Machine by ‘using’ the ball in front of the machine. This finishes one event [20: What’s in the Mud? – Clear] and starts another one [28: Make a Light Alloy – Start]. Go back to the Coal Mining Town and talk to Gran outside his house.

Tomba2_Guide_025Gran, wondering where the rails went.

Tomba will hand over the Trolley Rails and Gran will fix the broken tracks [S17: Deliver to Gran! – Clear]. There’s a cutscene where a panicking Coal Minder says that Tabby got kidnapped by the Evil Pigs after refusing to hand over her Gold Pendant, which was a gift from Tomba. Gran explains about how to trap the Evil Pigs in the Evil Pig Bags, and hands over the Flame Pig Bag [S18: Capture Evil Flame Pig! – Start]. Use the Trolley and go off to the next area.


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    i hope someday we get a english version XD i love the game is like playing again as a child because i dont understant a thing (im mexican) but thanks! i can play this game again thanks to you 😀

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    LOVE the game but really wishing it was in English. Wouldn’t have bough it if I had known it was in Japanese but that’s what i get for rushing and not reading around. Just taking quite a while to get through seeing as I haven’t played this in ten years and i can’t read it… English version still coming right??

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