Vanguard Bandits was originally released in glorious box form from famed publisher Working Designs. Created by Human Software and released in 1998 in Japan, the game captivated users with its tactical combat and support-centric strategy role-playing.

Set in a medieval fantasy world, armored mecha are controlled by the residing pilots who can maneuver on an isometric grid of squares. 3D battle animations take place over the grid, while cut scenes play out the story. The character list, location variety and event schedule add up to an incredible amount of intense gameplay and longevity spread over three story branches and five different endings.

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    tell me we get this game in europe cause i have little faith in asking SCEE cause they seem 2 be useless from left 2 right. o ya and it be smart of you guys did some more blog at SCEE cause they add japanese import games without showing them in they heads up weekend update cause i just found out Blockids was on the store without a mention in the store update. like with more jap import SCEE doesen´t even bother listing them most off the time.

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    Hi Dgnfly, Thanks for your support. You’ve been a great fan since the start and we appreciate your attention. On the SCEE side, we’ve been working to get the games out on the blog but its been pretty hit-or-miss whether they pick them up. You’re entirely correct too, they didn’t pick up Blockids or Dezaemon Plus. That said, the ops guys have been great just to get our games up. We’ve been trying to add one game a week. Not totally successful but it been a pretty good ramp up so far. We’ll do our best to keep them coming and to get the news out with more consistency. Thanks again.

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    hello can you tell me if and when this game is comming to the uk psn thanks

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    I am still building up my knowledge about PSN and MonkeyPawGames’ work (yes, I have been living in a cave before I won a PS3, which happened a few days ago), but just to think about the possibility of playing Vanguard Bandits again makes tears of joy come out of my eyes!

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    When is this game coming out on PSN U.K ?

    I’m literally desperate to play it again!

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    Thanks for asking and waiting. We will launch BurgerTime Worls Tour on the EU PSN this Wednesday, March 28th.

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    I would like to translate of the Vanguard Bandits game into Arabic

    Is there a actions and Steps I have to do

    huzaifa osama

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    will this game ever be released onto the australian network

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