Released in Japan in 1997 and North America in 1998 by Working Designs, Alundra’s award-winning combination of dark, compelling storytelling with smooth Action-RPG gameplay has won the near-unanimous fawning of critics and fans alike.

With a metascore of 86 and a 92 ranking from users, the Matrix Software-developed Alundra will challenge gamers with vast dungeons, mind-bending puzzles, and an expansive fantasy world to explore that walks a tightrope between a tense reality and nightmarish dreams.

The game features a colorful cast of characters and tight responsive gameplay. Alundra will entertain gamers new and old with its addicting challenges. Gamers can once again prove their heroic might in the world of light and dark in Alundra.

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How do I get into Nirudes Lair?

You have to destroy the three heads outside of Nirudes Lair.  The first head is in between the feet of the lair.  The second head is in the upper right hand corner of the lair.  The third head is in the upper left hand corner, but you can only get there by going up through Torla Mountain.  Then head all the way to the right hand corner and you will come upon the last head.

How do I start the engines in Nirudes Lair?

You have to first of all proceed to the engine room.  Once there you will have to hit the orange switches in this order:  Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right.  This will start the engine, which will allow you to proceed.

How do I stack the icons in the last room of the Desert Shrine?

You are going to have to stack the icons on the red tile in the middle of the room.  The water icon goes on the bottom.  Then the sun icon, then the moon, and finally the star.  This will open up the door and allow you to proceed.

How do I get to the Desert Shrine?

Once you have the sand cape proceed to the platform in the middle of the desert.  Once there a Whirlwind will pick you up and throw you to another screen.  Once on that screen you will have to exit that screen to the north.  Once that is done you will have to start exiting the screen the same direction the wind is blowing.  If the wind is blowing to the east you will have to exit the screen to the east.  Otherwise it will take you to the platform again.

How do I pass the Ice Manor?

Look for the pictures from the official strategy guide we'll be posting soon for this.

How can I defeat the worm in Magyscar?

First off you will have to keep hitting the worm’s body until all of the armor is knocked off.  Once that is done you will have to charge up your sword and hit either the tail or the head.  The worm will not take damage if the armor is still on.

In in the giant tree tower and I have a key, but it won't fit the door.  Where can I find the key smith?

After you have tried to fit the key into the door, go back outside.  Once outside look in all of the huts for the key smith.  Once he is found he will fix the key so that the key will fit the door.

There is a locked door at the start of the tree tower, but there is no key.  What can I do?

After escaping yourself go to the locked door and you will find that it is locked.  Once you find out that it is locked go back to the prison and free the key smith.  Once that is done the key smith can help you to open the door.

I am outside of the Lake Shrine.  I can fall down in the hole to the right but I can't go any further.  What can I do?

Once you fall down the hole to the right you will see some barrels.  Use the barrels to make your way up the stairs on the left.  Once up there your path will be blocked.  Equip you arrows and hit the switch that is over near the right wall.  This will free up the path and allow you to proceed.

I’m inside of the Lake Shrine and the time is stopped.  How do I start time again?

First find the key then proceed into the dining room.  Once there head over to the left.  Keep proceeding to the left until you come upon a room with three guards.  Destroy the guards in the left hand corner, a barrel will appear.  Use the barrel to get up to the locked door.  Then proceed on until you reach the left hand clock tower.  Once there hit the switch on the floor.

I went up to the left clock tower but now I cannot go anywhere else.  What can I do?

Now proceed into the library.  Once there go down to the bottom left hand corner.  There is a little passageway to the right take that passage way and keep going to the right.  Keep going to the right until you come upon six guards.  Once there destroy the guard in the upper middle and get the treasure chest.  Once that is done jump on the treasure chest then on top of the guard to the right.  Once this is done proceed to the north until you get to the right hand clock tower.  Hit the switch on the floor to start the time again.

I only have two torches that are still lit, and I cannot go anywhere else.  Where do I go?

First of all you will have to find the stables.  Once there you will have to hit the switch so that the door is horizontal.  This will make it so that you will not be able to enter the stables.  So you will have to go around.  Proceed to the left hand clock tower.  Once up there go to the balcony and jump off onto the roof.  There will be two doors go in either door.  Both will lead you back to the stables and now that the door is horizontal you will be able to proceed.

In what order do I have to light the torches in the dining room?

You will have to start with the top right hand torch and light all of the torches going to the left.  Then go to the bottom right hand torch and light the torches going to the left again.

How do I defeat Melzas?

Melzas uses copies of himself in the first stage of the battle in a feeble attempt to confuse Alundra.  Three or four copies of Melzas will appear right away.  The real Melzas will be the last to appear.  So watch the screen and strike the last one to appear.

What can I do with the Gilded Falcons?

First of all you will have to gain access to the casino.  To gain access to the casino you will have to have the pass.  To get the pass you will have to go back to the town of Inoa and jump down the chimney of the house on the left hand side of town.  This pass is only available during the first three quarters of the game.  After you get the pass go to the bar and give the pass to the bartender.  Once you have done that talk to everyone in the bar and they will tell you to go to Captain Merrick.  Once you get this message walk directly up to Captain Merrick and he will allow you to purchase special items with the Gilded Falcons.

I am in Lars Crypt and I have to talk to the Saints with the Utmost Respect.  In what order do I have to speak to the Saints?

First you have to talk to the white saint.  Then talk to the blue saint.  Then the red saint.  Then the green saint.  Then the brown saint.

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