Arc the Lad II

The story that began in Arc the Lad expands into the legend that is Arc the Lad II by following the adventures of the Hunter Elc.  The highly-rated Strategy-RPG features bigger battles, more characters, harder bosses, a deep and compelling story, and brain-wasting strategy that come together in a way that made what many call one of the best Strategy RPG games ever made.
Follow the adventure of the Hunter Elc as he unravels his mysterious past and seeks out the criminal Arc the Lad. Customize a fantastic roster of characters and decide which jobs and bounties you will pursue as you learn why things are not as they seem.  The Dark One is manipulating events and only you can defeat his diabolical plan.  And, if you played Arc the Lad and conquered its 50 level dungeon, you can import your save data into Arc II and unlock new and secret events and story-lines only possible with the imported data!

Arc Arena

Use your save data to import monsters captured in Arc the Lad II and fight in tournament matches that test the strength and abilities of the monsters you’ve captured and trained.  Trade items, weapons, and monsters in the Arena!


Download Arc the Lad II and Arc Arena on PSN

Buy Now on PSN This title can be played on PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.

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