Blockids offers a new twist on the classic arcade Breakout mechanic. Choose one of eight colorfully animated characters to battle using your block-busting powers against their fortified encampments.

You know the game: use your ball to break a series of bricks walls by ricocheting your ball off a moving paddle. You’ll be able to bounce your balls over their barriers to get more points and score special power-ups. Your viewpoint can vary as the game allows you to play from a 3D perspective, right behind the paddle. Or play from a more traditional top-down angled perspective and enjoy the fun of this Japanese classic.

Today you’re going over the wall but how far you go from there is up to you! Choose one of eight cartoon characters and bounce, blast and batter your way past an array of formidable, fortress-like block barriers in Natsume’s revolutionary 3D twist on an arcade classic. Score points and unlock a special power that unleashes increadible block busting capabilities! The blocks are stacked against you.


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Control In Game Menu Screens
Control Pad Move Paddle Change menu options
X Button Fire Bomb Cancel
Circle Button Jump & Release Ball Accept
Start Button Pause Game Start Game
Select Button Change Camera Angle


Control Mode A

  • R1/R2 + control pad: move paddle at 2X speed
  • R1 + R2 + control pad: move paddle at 3X speed

Control Mode B

  • Up: Move paddle Right at 3X speed
  • Down: Move paddle Left at 3X speed

Control Mode C

  • L1: Move paddle Left
  • L2: Move paddle Left at 2X speed
  • L1+L2: Move paddle Left at 3X speed
  • R1: Move Paddle Right
  • R2: Move Paddle Right at 2X speed
  • R1+R2: Move Paddle Right at 3X speed

Note: The L2/R2 buttons are PS3-only.

Also Note: When the game starts, a little memory-card-related prompt will appear. Just highlight the option on the left and press the circle button.

Game Modes

Adventure Mode

Pick your character and go on a quest to reclaim the 5 magic crystals. You have 3 continues.

Challenge Mode

Pure block-busterizing excitement. 100 stages, infinite continues and a boss every 10 stages.

Option Mode

Set the games’ options. Change the default view or the input device/control mode. To change the control mode, select the controller and press Circle(note that the other two options are going to be unusable unless they release a mouse or arkanoid-controller for the PS3), then select the control mode you want with the control-pad, press circle to test it out, then press circle again to accept, or X to return.

Special Powers

By breaking the red bricks, the special meter beneath your selected character slowly fills up. Once it’s filled, your characters’ special power will activate. While the power is active, you can continue to break red blocks and fill the bar for the next activation of the power. The current level of Special Power will carry over between lives, stages, and continues. Note that different characters possess different special powers.

Special Powers


Extends the paddle to cover fully half the playfield.

Power Ball

Supercharges the ball so it goes THROUGH bricks instead of bouncing off of them.

Ball Catcher

Causes the ball to ‘stick’ to the paddle when it hits. Move the paddle and press Circle to release the ball.


Like most Arkanoid-style games, Powerups in this game take the form of colored capsules that fall from destroyed blocks. Unlike most Arkanoid-style games, the powerups seem to be evenly split between helpful and hinderances. The powerups are as follows:

  • Speed Down (Blue capsule with an ‘S-‘ on it) – Decreases the ball speed.
  • Speed Up (Red capsule with an ‘S+’ on it) Increases the ball speed.
  • Extend (Orange capsule with ‘X+’ on it) Widens the paddle temporarily. The paddle will gradually shrink back to normal once the power-up wears off.
  • Shrink ( Grey capsule with an ‘X-‘ on it) Shrinks the paddle.
  • 1-Up (Purple capsule with a ‘U+’ on it) Grants the player an extra life.
  • Field Advance (yellow capsule with a ‘Y+’ on it) Moves the paddle up the field, decreasing the players’ reaction time.
  • Field Retreat (Green capsule with a ‘Y-‘ on it) Moves the paddle down the field, increasing the players’ reaction time.
  • Stage Clear (Purple capsule with a star on it) Instantly completes the current level.

Remember that the ball can jump. You don’t need to remove blocks to get the ball above the block formation, you just need to jump over it.

Note that while the ball is in mid-air, it will still bounce off the level boundaries, but it will bounce OVER the paddle.

The ball will gradually speed up as you break bricks. Try to predict where it will go rather than chasing after it, but if you HAVE to chase it then don’t forget about the X2 and X3 speed options.

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