Fans of dungeon crawlers will enjoy the challenging quests, crazy monster hordes and the hundreds of equipment and skill combinations for beefing up soon-to-be hero students. Numerous hours of strategic gameplay, branching storylines and quests make Class of Heroes 2 a rewarding experience with rich replayability.

Class of Heroes 2 is a charming take on the Wizardry-style dungeon crawl games, but with a twist – all the party members are drawn from a pool of newly enrolled students at a Sword and Sorcery School, with over 140 challenging quests, 100+ dungeon maps, crazy monster hordes, branching storylines and endings, as well as hundreds of equipment and skill combinations for beefing up soon-to-be hero students. The refined J-RPG will feature numerous hours of strategic gameplay making Class of Heroes 2 a deep experience with plenty of replay value.

The game features 10 classes to choose from: Novice, Fighter, Swordsman, Ranger, Monk, Ninja, Sorcerer, Puppeteer, Idol, and one Mystery Class. Once a team is created, quests are offered and the party can choose their adventure path, unlocking ever more distant and dangerous areas to conquer as they grow in power and confidence. Monster parties can be more than one level deep in a single combat episode, leading to epic encounters of up to 12 or more monsters at a time, where managing a party’s ranged and melee skills can be the difference between victorious life and an ignominious death.

No dungeon crawler would be complete without an occasional boss, and Class of Heroes 2 doesn’t disappoint here, either, with nail-biting super-encounters littered on the path between your party and ultimate victory.

Class of Heroes 2 will be releasing on the PlayStation Network Tuesday, June 4th 2013. It will be playable on PSP and PS Vita formats.

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Class of Heroes 2 PSP – Opening Sequence

Class of Heroes 2 PSP Sample Easy Quest (Mild Spoilers)

Class of Heroes 2 PSP Bacchus’ Sword Quest – Beginning of Game

Class of Heroes 2 Gameplay Trailer (PSN)

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