Based on the classic Double Dragon beat ‘em up series and movie, this import is a unique one-on-one fighting game that inspired many others. This version of Double Dragon includes 10+ anime-inspired characters to choose from, each with their own special moves and desperation “super” attacks alongside detailed, scaling backgrounds.

Play as the transformable brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee, Bo Abobo and other recognizable characters from the Double Dragon universe as they fight their way for the right to face off against the evil dictator Koga Shuko, a powerful master of kobujutsu and ninpoh. The fighter’s unique controls allow each character four attacks varying in strength in speed, which differs from the usual balance of punch and kick buttons from other fighting titles. Strategic fighting fans will also make use of the game’s mid-air double jump to bewilder opponents.

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Double Dragon is a well-known arcade beat-em-up from 1987, ported to many, MANY systems and spawning many sequels… And a 1994 live-action movie that in turn had a tournament-fighter-style game made out of it.

The PS1 version of this game was released in 1996 in Japan and never made it Stateside until the fine people at MonkeyPaw managed to get it over here to add to your PS1 Import Collection.

Default Controls:

  • Control Pad: Move your Character(in-game), Move Cursor/Switch Setting(in-menu)
  • Up: Jump(press again in mid-air to double-jump, press up and toward/away from opponent to jump in that direction)
  • Down: Crouch
  • Left/Right: Move toward/away from opponent (Press away from opponent to Guard)
  • X Button: Weak Attack(In-Game), Cancel(In-Menu)
  • Circle Button: Normal Attack(In-Game), Accept(In-Menu)
  • Square Button: Strong Attack(In-Game)
  • Triangle Button: Very Strong Attack(In-Game), Back(In-Menu)
  • L1: Pan camera Left(3D Mode Only)
  • L1: Pan Camera Right(3D Mode Only)
  • L2: Tilt Camera Down(3D Mode Only)
  • R2: Tilt Camera Up(3D Mode Only)
  • L1+R1: Zoom In(3D Mode Only)
  • L2+R2: Zoom Out(3D Mode Only)
  • Start Button: Start Game, Pause Game

Game Modes:

  • Overdrive Mode: A special mode with a few gameplay tweaks and graphical enhancements exclusive to the PS1 version. Specifically, the ability to perform Knuckle Drives and Overdrives. Knuckle Drives act as a priority system. Weak Attacks are broken by Normal Attacks, Normal Attacks are broken by Strong Attacks, Strong Attacks are broken by Fierce Attacks and Fierce Attacks are broken by Weak Attacks. Overdrives are a similar thing, except with special moves.
  • Normal Mode: The original arcade fighting mode. Go up against a collection of fighters from the Double Dragon-verse in a tournament-style fight to the finish!
  • Tiny 3D Mode: A special mode that has the game played on a 3-dimensional field, with special controls for moving the camera. The gameplay is not changed from the Normal/Overdrive modes at all.

Special Mechanics:

Charge: Whenever a character deals damage, their Charge Gauge builds. The current level of Charge is shown as a blue section of the character’s health bar, starting at the center of the screen and moving towards the edge. Once the Charge Gauge has reached the point where it fully covers the characters’ Health bar (at this point the world ‘CHARGE!’ appears below the relevant bar) you can use the characters’ Charge Move. These have varying effects but are ALL devastating to your opponent. The Charge Move inputs for each character are found by highlighting the character in question on the Character Select Screen and looking under “Charge 1”.

Options Menu:

  • Difficulty Settings: Normal(Default), Hard, Easy and Very Easy (Both of the Easy settings have the same symbol in them, Normal is 2 symbols and Hard is 3)
  • Round Number: The number of rounds you have to win before you win the match. Options are 2(default), 1, and Infinite(the option without numbers). Infinite Mode allows you to basically beat on the same opponent over and over for practice purposes.
  • Time Limit: Set the Time Limit to 30 seconds, 60 seconds(default), 99 seconds or Infinite(the option without Numbers)
  • Foe Select: Allows you to pick who you fight in the various modes(Default is Off)
  • Charge: Allows you to set the Charge Gauge to On(default), Off or Infinite(the Charge Gauge will automatically fill to maximum and Charge Moves will not deplete the gauge)
  • Handicap: Allows you to give one player an advantage in 2-player mode. Push left and right to slide the bar.

Memory Card:

From top to bottom, the options on this menu are:

Load File: Loads a file off the memory card. To load the file, select the slot(with a file in it) you want to load from and press Circle twice to load the file. You will then be taken to the Data Menu.

  • Create File: Creates a new file on the memory card. To create a file, select an empty slot and press Circle once, then give the file a name(Control-pad left and right move the cursor, up and down scroll through the available letters) and press Circle twice to create the file.
  • Delete File: Deletes a file from the memory card. To delete the file, select the file, press Circle, highlight ‘Yes’, and press Circle again.
  • Un-Load Data: Unloads data loaded from the memory card. Save options and such will stop appearing until new data is loaded. To unload the file, highlight ‘Yes’ and press Circle.

Data Menu:

After loading a file you will be taken to this menu. From top to bottom, the options on this menu are:

  • Character Options: Takes you to the Character Options Menu
  • Button Options/Config: Takes you to the Button Options/Config Menu. From there you can change which button launches which attack by highlighting the attack-type(from top to bottom, the types are Weak, Normal Strong and Fierce) and then pressing the face button you want to have launch the attack. You can also turn the Special Move Button on or off(Default is Off). With it On, you can launch your characters’ special moves with the various L and R buttons.

Vs. CPU Records:

Takes you to the CPU Records screen, where you can view how you’ve been faring versus the computer. From top to bottom, the various options/stats shown are:

  • Level: The CPU level the stats are being shown for. Left and right scrolls through the various difficulty settings.
  • Matches: How many matches you’ve fought, plus your Win percentage(as a fraction of 1)
  • Best Winning Streak: The maximum amount of matches you’ve won in a row.
  • Biggest Combo: The maximum amount of hits you’ve managed to score consecutively.
  • Match Accuracy Rate: How often your attacks hit in the matches.
  • Match Score: Your total amount of points obtained in matches.
  • Data Clear: Clear the data for this level of play.
  • Return: Go back to the previous screen.
  • Vs. Human Records: Takes you to the Vs. Records screen, where you can view how you’ve been faring versus other human players.


  • To activate Billy/Jimmy’s Charge Attack, all 4 face buttons must be hit at once.
  • To play as the bosses, go to the Character Select Screen and highlight Billy, Marian, Cheng Fu and Jimmy for 3 seconds each in that order. If done correctly, the boss portraits will appear at the top of the screen.

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