Think you’ve played all the shmups out there? We doubt it. In fact, MonkeyPaw would like to bring you some that have never seen our shores. Gaia Seed is one of them. A rare find and great play.

Gaia Seed comes from the fabulous line of Japanese shoot ‘em ups and has the classic parallax scrolling that you could count on from the games of this era. The soundtrack is considered a great score and will set an aura that will get you grooving to the Gaia Seed.

For those who miss the days when the market supported a vast array of shooting splendor, GaiaSeed will satisfy you with its intensity and liquidity. One of the greatest shooters that never made it to Western markets, GaiaSeed is a smooth and silky display of algorhythmic perfection that always challenges but never frustrates.

GaiaSeed is a horizontally scrolling shooter from Techno Soleil. The game has solid control, precise bullet collision, and a simple powerup system. With six stages, it’s not the longest game on the block, but the massively scaling 2D backgrounds and variable difficulty make up for that. Think you’ve got the skills to beat a Japanese import?

But the real beauty of GaiaSeed lies in its subtlety. The technique and effects used will give shooter aficionados a work of art to go back to for multiple exposure. The soundtrack stands out for its techno/ambiance mood and is adds to the subliminal nature of the work. The effects and twists in the game will have you on your edge. Thoughtfully presented and wonderfully executed, GaiaSeed is a PSone gem. The game is very rare and can be found on online auction sites in the $150 range. Don’t miss this original Japanese hit!


Download GaiaSeed on PSN

Buy Now on PSN This title can be played on PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.


Game Directions

Remember: Once you’re in the game menus, as with all Japanese PlayStation games, Circle is confirm, and X is cancel!


Dpad: Movement
Triangle or circle: Intense fire
Square or X: shoot
Start button: Pause

Options Menu translation (top to bottom)

Exit: Return to title screen
Rank: Determines level of difficulty.

  • Practice: Infinite continues, only allows play through stage 4
  • Normal: 5 continues
  • Hard: 3 continues

Score: Displays top 7 scores
Memory: Save and load
BGM: Listen to the game music
Sound: Change between stereo and mono
Voice: Change the voice acting in the game to Japanese or English


Red: Needle Shot – shoots in a spread. As it powers up, the spread widens.
Blue: Laser Shot – shoots straight ahead. As it powers up, it gets more powerful.
Green: Cypher Wave – This sub-item shoots four shots at once, as you fire your normal shots.
Yellow: Energy Blaster – This sub-item fires two shots at once – upon contact with an enemy, the small explosion it creates continues forward, damaging more enemies.

Important gameplay elements

  • Shield power. This is on the lower left of the screen, and depletes are you get hit. Shield power slowly regenerates over time, but once you lose it all, that’s one life lost.
  • Your Intense Fire gauge is on the lower right. You can only unleash this large attack when the gauge is completely full. It fills over time, and intense fire attacks differ whether you’re using Needle or Laser shot.
  • Powerups are released when you destroy a certain type of ship. They change color over time, but only from red to blue, or green to yellow, depending on which one you get.

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