Galaxy Fight was released in the Arcades by SNK back in 1995, then ported to various systems over the next few years, including the PlayStation One.

The story of the game is that once every 1000 years, a being of divine power takes physical form somewhere in the galaxy. This time, he has taken form on the planet Danius. This being, who refers to itself as “Felden Crayce” is being sought out by fighters across the galaxy to challenge and defeat him for their own reasons.


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Control In Game Menu Screens
Control Pad Move Fighter Change Selection
Up [Control Pad] Jump
Left & Right [Control Pad] Dash (press twice), Guard (press/hold) (which button does what
depends on positioning)
Triangle Taunt
Square Button Weak Attack
X Button Medium attack Cancel

Options Menu

Time Set the time limit for each round. Options are 00 (infinite), 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 99 seconds.

Level Select Set the difficulty level for the game. Options are Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard or Very Hard.

BGM Select Select either Normal or Arrange.

Special Controls Adjusts what the L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons do. The options are Off, Dash, Special 1, Special 2 and Special 3. If set to ‘Dash’, the button will either dash or back-dash depending on the orientation between you and your opponent. ‘Special 1/2/3’ will perform different special moves depending on which version is set.

Memory Card Load (default option) or save game settings.

Special Attacks

Holds/Throws Each character has a throw move that can be performed by getting close to the opponent and pressing towards the opponent and one of the attack buttons. Some characters only have throws that work with a certain button, or require.

Special Moves Each character has Special Moves that can be done by either inputting a button combination or by setting the L1/R1 or L2/R2 buttons to one of the ‘Special’ settings and pressing an L/R button and a relevant attack button.


There are 8 characters in the game, each with their own reasons for seeking out and fighting Felden. They (and some of their special attacks) will be detailed here.

Rolf- The Hero of the Galaxy

An all-around do-gooder who’s seeking Felden out because of the threat he presents to the galaxy.

Special Moves

Double-Jump Press Up twice

Rolf Shot Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack

Kazuma- The Raging Storm

A martial arts master following in the footsteps of his late father. Seeking Felden in a bid to fight the strongest being.

Special Moves

Ninja Clone Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack

Blade Storm Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack

Juri- The Space Bandit

A beautiful woman possessing exceptional strength. She’s going after Felden for personal gain.

Special Moves

Garing Elbow Back+Medium Attack

Laser Stroke Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack

Roomi – The Fighter Destined for Fame

A superstar on her home planet, she wants to defeat Felden in order to become famous across the galaxy.

Special Moves

Star Punch Down+Heavy Attack (in air)

Giant Knuckle Rotate control pad 360 degrees + Attack

Gunter Brus- The Worthy Warrior

The greatest warrior of his native tribe. In accordance with the prophecy that he would protect his tribe against all enemies, he seeks to defeat Felden.

Special Moves

Brus Bomber Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack
Brus Breath Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back + Attack

Alvan- Prince of a Lost Kingdom

The prince of a cursed world, Alvan must fight and defeat Felden in order to lift the curse upon his homeland.

Special Moves

Al Slugger Weak Attack + Medium Attack + Strong Attack
Aldigy Jump, Up + Medium Attack

Golden Done- The Amnesiac Warrior

A fighter who was around the last time Felden manifested, seeking Felden out to fill the 1000-year-long gap in his memory.

Special Moves

Shoring Roll Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack
Final Mega Driver Jump, Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack

Musafar- The New Weapon of the Military Empire

A robot sent by the Imperial Army of planet Fakir. He was ordered to find and defeat Felden, and that is what he will do.

Special Moves

Musafar Missile Hold Back, Forward + Attack
Reverse Spin Kick (When Defending) Forward + Heavy Attack

Be sure to experiment to discover each fighters’ special moves/combos.

Each character has an ‘Instant Death Move’, that will finish off the opponent regardless of health.

Note that the playfield will scroll endlessly in either direction, so don’t worry about getting stuck in a corner.

There are bosses other than Felden… and if you do things right, you may get a code to play as them.afar Missile: Hold Back, Forward + Attack Reverse Spin Kick: (When Defending) Forward + Heavy Attack

Be sure to experiment to discover each fighters’ special moves/combos.

Each character has an ‘Instant Death Move’, that will finish off the opponent regardless of health.

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