Hyper Crazy Climber was a 1996 PS1 Action Game, released by Nihon Bussan in Japan. Based off the 1980 arcade hit Crazy Climber, it featured the same sort of Crazy Climbing action as near as buttons could mimic. Instead of just climbing the same 4 buildings over and over and over though, Hyper Crazy Climber featured a variety of environments like mountains, beanstalks and classic scaffolding. And now, thanks to the fine folks at MonkeyPaw, it’s available for you to add your collection to scratch your crazy climbing itch!

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There are 3 types of controls, depending on how simple, complex or outright WEIRD you want your control scheme to be. The buttons listed in these control schemes are the only ones that change, all other ones do the same things regardless of configuration

Control Type 1(Easy):

  • Control Pad left/right: Move left/right
  • X button: Left Hand Up
  • Circle Button: Right Hand Up

Control Type 2(Normal):

In this configuration, the Control Pad controls the left side of your character, whereas the face buttons control the right side of your character. More specifically, motions on both sides of your character will have to be coordinated if you wish to make any progress.

  • Control Pad Left+Square Button/Control Pad Right+Circle Button: Move Left/Right
  • Control Pad Up+X/Control Pad Down+Triangle(Alternating): Climb
  • Control Pad Up+Triangle: Cling to Ledge

Control Type 3(Weird):

This mode requires 2 controllers. The control pad on Controller 1 controls your character’s Left Side, the control pad on Controller 2 controls your character’s Right Side. Otherwise this method is exactly like Control Type 2.

Other Controls:

  • L1/R1: Use Item(in-game)
  • Start: Start Game, Pause Game(in-game), bring up Quit Menu(on map)
  • Select: Bring up Save Menu(on map)

Game Screen:

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right, the various information displayed on the screen is as follows:

  • Score(Top-left corner of screen): Your total score.
  • Step Up(Top-left corner of screen, below Score): Every step you advance up the tower will increment your score by the amount listed here.
  • Bonus(Top-left corner of screen, below Step Up): Completing the level will earn you Bonus Points equal to the value listed here. This value gradually lowers with time, as well as getting hit by falling objects.
  • Item(Left side of screen, at mid-screen height, below Bonus): Shows your current item(if you have one).
  • Stage(Left side of screen, at mid-screen height, below Item): Shows the stage you’re currently on.
  • Apple Stock(Left side of screen, near the bottom, below Stage): Shows how many apples of each type you have.
  • Life Counter(Bottom-left corner of screen): Shows how many lives you have remaining.
  • Stage Map(Right-hand side of screen): Shows a map of the current stage. The blinking dot reflects your current position.


At the start of the game, you’re prompted to select a character. There’s no real story behind them, one’s a guy, one’s a girl and one’s a robot. The major differences between the characters are strictly in terms of Speed and Endurance. Speed is how fast each character moves, Endurance is how strong the characters’ grip is(how much it takes to knock them off).

  • Bunny: Speed ***, Endurance *
  • Climber: Speed **, Endurance **
  • Robot: Speed *, Endurance ***


The gameplay here is fairly simple, get to the top of whatever it is you’re climbing, avoiding hazards and garnering power-ups as you go. Once you complete the level, you get bonus points and unlock the next stage.

Note that the gameplay changes slightly if you are using the Normal Control Settings. When using the Easy settings, falling objects will only decrease your Bonus. With the Normal settings, a falling object will cause your character to lose his/her/its grip. If you are hit again like this you will be knocked off the building and lose a life. To prevent this, Cling to the Ledge by holding the Up and Triangle buttons either before the first object hits you or to restore your grip between the first and second objects hitting. Clinging to a ledge only works if both your characters’ hands are located ON a ledge.

Once the level is completed, you are sent to the Map Screen, where you can save the game, pick the next level you wish to play, or go to the Item Slots and try to win power-ups or extra lives.

Item Slots:

Once the second level is completed, you can access the Item Slots located in the center of the map. Here you can spend the coins you attain through gameplay for a chance to win extra lives and items. Press Triangle to insert a coin, Circle to stop the various reels, and X to leave when you’re done winning. The possible payouts on the Item Slots are:

  • 1-up(Picture of your Character): Gain 1 extra Life
  • 2-Up(Picture of your Character with Illuminated Background): Gain 2 extra Lives
  • Red Apple(Red Apple): Adds 1 Red Apple. Collect 3 to add 2 Angels to the next Bonus Stage you visit.
  • Green Apple(Green Apple): Adds 1 Green Apple. Collect 3 to add 1 Angel to the next Bonus Stage you visit.
  • Bad Apples(Purple/Dark Green Apple with a bite out of it): Subtracts an Apple from your total. A Purple Bad Apple removes a Red Apple, Dark Green subtracts a Green.


Guys Dropping Stuff: Exactly what it says. These guys pop out of the windows(or are located on the structure outside of the climbable area) and start throwing things down at you. If you are hit with a thrown item and you are moving at all, you will be knocked off the building. If an item hits you while you AREN’T moving, you may or may not get knocked off depending on where your characters’ hands are located.

Shutters: These are found on all levels except #1 and #5. They gradually open and close on the windows/ledges that you use as foot/hand-holds. If a shutter is fully closed and you attempt to climb up to it, you won’t actually climb and just end up on the same ledge. If a shutter closes on any of the ledges you currently occupy, you will fall.

Heavy Falling Objects: Found on Stage 4, these are accompanied by a distinctive whistling noise, and WILL knock you off the structure even if you are completely motionless when they hit you. They also fall in-between the columns of climbable space, changing course to hit you.

The Lightning Guy: Unique to Stage 6, this guy sends a constant electrical current out sideways, creating an area 2 ledges in height where your movement is slowed down considerably. Spending too long in this area will cause you to get fried and knocked off the building.

Other Hazards: Angry Birds(not THAT kind), Man-Eating Plants, Fire-Breathing Moai Heads, Blimps and more… For all the difference they may have, the important thing they have in common is that IF they hit you, you will lose a life. So avoid them.

Bonus Stage:

If you manage to collect 3 Golden Apples, you will immediately be taken to the Bonus Stage. You will be placed on a special tower and given 60 seconds to collect 100 of the crystals dropped by the little Angel characters. Should you successfully collect the 100 crystals and then complete the stage, you’ll receive a Big Crystal above the stage on the map. Collect a crystal for each level and maybe something good will happen…

It is also possible to enter the Bonus Stage by collecting 3 Red or Green apples from the Item Slot, however these Bonus Stages will have fewer of the Angel characters dropping crystals.

Level Items:

  • Dynamite(Stick): Blows open all shutters in a straight line directly above your character when used, also destroying Dropped Objects. Won’t remove Hazards or any of the Guys That Drop Stuff.
  • Dynamite(Bundle): Destroys (almost) all on-screen Hazards.
  • Timer(Clock): Temporarily freezes the level and everything in it when used. Shutters will stay at their current open/closed level, enemies won’t move or appear, etc.
  • Lucky Cat(White cat with 1 paw raised): These appear only in dead-end areas. When collected, a helicopter with a gondola will appear to carry you further up the level.
  • Golden Apple(Gold Apple): Getting 3 of these takes you to the Bonus Stage. You will be immediately transported to that levels’ Bonus Stage and placed right back where you were upon its completion.

Bonus Stage Items:

  • Crystal(hexagonal crystal): Worth 1 Crystal
  • Golden Crystal Cluster(mass of crystals): One of these is worth 5 normal Crystals
  • Cherry(pair of cherries): Worth 500 points.
  • Cursed Cake(slice of cake with cherry on it): Temporarily freezes your character and SUBTRACTS 3 crystals from your total.



  • If you are at ALL confused over the Normal Controls, use the Easy ones.
  • Whenever you complete a level, you receive coins. These coins can be spent at the Item Slots to try to win items or extra lives.
  • Power-ups always appear in the same place(s).
  • Golden Apples only appear when you are RIGHT on top of their hiding places, and are automatically collected.
  • The ‘Bonus’ panel on the Item Slots acts as a wildcard.
  • With the exception of the various Apples, items cannot be taken from one stage to another.
  • Completing a level’s Bonus Stage a second time awards you 10,000 Points.


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