The Sonic Wings Special brings you to fore of the great era of Japanese shoot‘em-ups. This vertical scroller combines features of previous versions (I-III) and delivers a mind-bending, finger-happy splurge through shooter heaven. Sonic Wings features 2-player same-screen simultaneous play and a choice of multiple jet fighters. Pick from 7 teams and fourteen pilots flying high in twenty-six different jets. Each captain is detailed out in anime graphics so you get a real feel for your co-pilot. There are 17 stages with multiple paths in which to choose while levels can be randomly served.

Who wouldn’t want to play Captain Blaster Keaton while battling the enemy Fat Morgana? This is a quintessential fighter from a great era of gaming history. Take a spin on your P-61 Black Widow and feel the power of Sonic Wings Special.


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Buy Now on PSN This title can be played on PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.


Control In Game Menu Screens
Control Pad Move Fighter Change Selection
X Button Special Weapon Cancel
Circle Button Rapid Fire Confirm
Square Button Shoot
R Button Toggle Score
Start Button Pause Game Start Game
L + R + Start Button Save Game – between levels only


  • Firepower (looks like a bullet with a ‘P’ symbol). Increases your firepower by one level (maximum varies depending on selected pilot/plane). At maximum level, firepower will eventually revert to the next-lowest level. Collecting at maximum firepower will grant 2000 points and reset time until weapon reverting.
  • Special Weapon Ammo (looks like a bomb with a ‘B’ symbol). Adds 1 to your stock of special weapon ammo (maximum varies depending on selected pilot/plane).
  • Full Power (looks like a bullet with a red ‘F’ symbol) Instantly increases your firepower to the maximum.
  • Bonus (varies depending on selected pilot. Can look like a dollar sign, yen sign, ‘R’, or ‘Kr’). Grants bonus points. Usually 200, but can be up to 10,000. Exact point-value depends on the bonus’ position on the screen.

Main Menu

  • Game Start – Start a new game. You will only be able to select from the default pilots and
  • Data Load – Load previously-saved data. You can save in-between levels by holding L+R and
    pressing Start.
  • Time Attack – Play through a special mode, fighting 6 of the main-game bosses one after
    another. They’ve been made stronger than before and you need to beat them as fast as possible.
  • Options – Change the game’s difficulty, controls, Monitor Type and sound-options.

Option Menu

  • Level – Change the game’s difficulty. Allows you to change the enemy difficulty and
    amount of credits you have. You may have more credits on lower difficulty levels.
  • Control – Change the control scheme. Control pad up/down changes the action being
    edited, left/right changes the button performing the action. Note that this game will not allow one button assigned to multiple actions simultaneously, so you may have to change an action to the ‘-‘ button to free up whatever button
    it was using.
  • Monitor Type – Change the monitor type. Normal is a normal TV screen that shows only part of the game area, Scroll is a screen that will move up/down along with you but can make it hard to follow the action. Arcade turns the scren on its side, showing all the action at once. This option is slightly more viable on the PSP.
  • Sound – Swap the audio between Stereo and Mono, and access the Sound Test
  • Save – Saves option data
  • Load – Loads previously-saved option data. This includes unlocked special fighters.
  • Exit – Return to the title screen


  • Don’t forget to save! Game settings and game progress are saved SEPERATELY. Loading game progress without loading game settings will start you on Normal with 9 Continues.
  • After you beat the game with a character, you will unlock his Secret Fighter. Unlock all the Secret Fighters to unlock bonus characters!
  • Don’t be afraid to use your Special Weapons. You won’t get any special end-of-level bonus for not using them.
  • Each character has their own unique normal and special weaponry. Experiment to find which character is easiest for you.

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