The Firemen 2: Pete & Danny is a top-down Action/Adventure game released for the original Playstation in 1995 by Human Entertainment. Re-released in 2010 on the JP-region PSN by Hamster, it’s now here courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games. Sporting a full voice track(no in-game Japanese to read!) and an optional 2-player Co-Op mode, this game will make an excellent addition to any Import Gamer’s collection.

In this game, you play as Pete Gray(Unless you’re player 2, in which case you play as Danny McLean), veteran firefighter called on to help put out the blaze that’s consuming a massive theme-park… on Christmas Eve no less!

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Buy Now on PSN This title can be played on PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.

(Note: Player 1 controls Pete by default. Danny is only playable as Player 2’s character in the Co-Op mode)

  • Control Pad: Move character(in-game, you can move in 8 directions), Move cursor(in-menus)
  • Square Button: Spray Water Forwards(Pete), Use Axe(Danny)
  • X Button: Spray Water Down(Pete), Stomp(Danny), Exit(in Options Menu)
  • Circle Button: Crawl (in-game), Accept(in Options Menu)
  • Triangle Button: Use Extinguisher Bomb(in-game)
  • R1: Strafe (in-game)
  • R2: Dash (in-game)
  • Start: Start Game
  • Select: Pause Game(in-game), Back(in Options Menus)

Title Screen:
The options available on the Title Screen are:

  • 1Player: Starts a single-player game, taking you to the Start Game Screen
  • 2Player: Starts a 2-player game, taking you to the Start Game Screen.
  • Option: Takes you to the Options Menu

Start Game Menu:

From top to bottom, left to right, the options on this menu are:

  • Start Game: Start a new game with the number of players chosen on the title screen. After selecting this, you’re prompted to select one of the three files to save your data to.
  • Return to Title: Go back to the Title Screen.
  • Play Without Saving: Start the game without selecting a save file. Your data will not be saved, but you won’t overwrite anything in the process.

Save Files:

The bottom 3 options on the Start Game Menu are simply the various Save Files. They show the level name, time spent in-game(in Minutes: Seconds: Fractions-of-seconds format) and whether the game was 1 or 2-player. You can load any game in progress by selecting its respective file.

Options Menu:

  • Sound: Set the sound between Stereo and Mono(Stereo is the Default Option)
  • BGM: Listen to the various Background Music tracks in the game. Select a track with the control pad and press Circle to listen.
  • Control: Set the Controls to your liking. Simply select which action you want to modify, then press the button you want to perform the action. Note that you cannot map actions to any buttons not shown on this screen(L1, L2, Select or Start). From top to bottom, the actions on this screen are: Spray Forward(P1)/Axe(P2), Spray Downward(P1)/Stomp(P2), Crawl, Extinguisher Bomb, Strafe and Dash.

You must press the Select button to exit this menu.

Game Screen:

Most of the game-screen is taken up by the actual play area. The various information regarding the status of the player is on the bottom of the screen, laid out left-to-right as follows:

  • P1’s Health Meter(bottom-left of screen): Shows how much health your character has remaining. If this empties, your game is over unless your character has a First-Aid Kit in his Item Stock(see below)
  • P1’s Item Stock(Bottom-left, just above Health Bar): Shows your current items(First-Aid Kits and Extinguisher Bombs). First-Aid kits go on the left side, Extinguisher Bombs go on the right.
  • Timer(Bottom of screen, just left of center): Shows how much time you have remaining to finish the current area.
  • Map(Bottom of screen, just right of center): Shows your location in the current area. It won’t show a specific map, but it WILL show your relative position in the room(dull red dot) and the positions of people needing rescue(bright orange-yellow dots).
  • P2’s Information(Right-side of screen): P2’s Health and Item Stock are shown here during a 2-player game, otherwise they’re just left empty.


The object of this game is fairly simple. Get to the end of the current area, putting out fires and saving people as you go. Once you enter a new area or room, your Radar will show you whether there are any individuals to rescue. If there are, you’re gonna need to save them before you can go on. If not, you just need to clear your way through the fire in order to reach the next area. Of course, while you’re fighting the fire, the fire is also fighting you.


Your primary antagonist in this game is Fire. The fire takes many forms, but there’s four primary types:

  • Small Ground Fires, Large Stationary Fires, Moving Fires and Burning Robots. There are several subtypes of the Large Stationary Fires, Moving Fires and Burning Robots that you will encounter throughout the game, as well as special one-off Boss Encounters.
  • The Small Ground Fires don’t do any actual damage, but you can’t move across areas where they’re currently burning. They need to be put out with the Downward Spray(or by stomping them out) before you can proceed. Large Stationary Fires WILL do damage if you walk into one and will either spread if unchecked or fire small Moving Fire projectiles. They can be extinguished with either form of spray, although if you’re aiming at a single Large Stationary Fire it’s a better idea to use the Forward Spray.
  • Moving Fires are the most diverse group of fires you will face, ranging from simple ones that go
    straight forward and extinguish themselves when they hit an obstacle, to ones that move on diagonals and can home in on you, to ones that leave trails of Small Ground Fires in their wake. Exactly how much water/axing it takes to extinguish each type varies and there is going to be memorization involved in knowing how to deal with them.
  • Burning Robots are probably the most dangerous of the enemies you will face. While there are only 3 types, they include the largest and toughest enemies in the game. Dealing with them involves more strategy than the other types. Shoot over low obstacles, around corners, and DON’T get too close unless absolutely necessary.
  • Boss encounters are special fights that happen at the end of certain levels. Each one has unique attack patterns and requires strategy and skill to fight. Defeating them will prove your mettle as a true fireman!


There are two types of items in this game: First-Aid Kits and Extinguisher Bombs. You start each game with 2 First-Aid Kits and 1 Extinguisher Bomb. You start with the same complement of items if you die and then Continue. It is possible to find items in levels, but it is very, VERY rare.

  • First-Aid Kit(Looks like a white case with a red Cross on it): Automatically restores your health when it hits 0. You can carry up to 3 of them at a time.
  • Extinguisher Bomb(Grey spheroid with an orange line through the middle and blue lights on the top and bottom halves): Will put out any fires(and burning robots) within a short range of the character that uses it.


  • It’s important to know when to Strafe and when to Dash. If the flames are coming towards you too quickly for you to put them out by Strafing backward while firing, it’d be a better idea to either gain more time by dashing away, or just moving aside and letting them past.
  • If you’re playing this on a Regular PSP, it may be a good idea to set up a Custom Control scheme that maps either Strafe or Dash to L1.
  • If you have an Unsuccessful Mission, you just need to Try Harder Again.
  • At the end of each level, you’ll get a “Fire Rate” based off how much of the fire you managed to extinguish. Get a Fire Rate of 100% to receive a hat.
  • To finish the Aquarium Level, you must break open the giant water tank in the last room.
  • Some levels have split paths, and some levels will lead to different levels entirely depending on how much time is left at the end.
  • Pete and Danny have Tank-style turning controls, meaning that when they change directions, they will go through all directions in an arc between where they started and where they finish. This can be helpful if you need to spray a fire that’s located at a weird angle or behind low obstacles which won’t give a clear line of fire.
  • If you collect a Power-Up while your Item Stock is full, your character’s attacks will be powered-up temporarily.
  • It is not possible to skip past any of the dialog in this game.

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