Tomba! 2 is back and is available on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP through the PlayStation Network.

Continuing the events of the original game, Tomba! is living happily until he gets an anonymous letter that his friend has been kidnapped. Not letting his friend disappear without a trace, Tomba! attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery. It quickly becomes apparent that pink colored animals with curly tails traditionally found on farms might hold some clues.

Starting November 3, 2015 through November 9, 2015, players who have purchased the Japanese version will be able to download the English version of Tomba! 2 at no charge. If you have the Japanese version, instructions on how to get the English version will be messaged to you by Sony.

Download Tomba! 2 (English Version) on PSN

Buy Now on PSN This title can be played on PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.
If you are playing the original Japanese version of Tomba! 2, we have provided a step-by-step guide of the game that will guide your to completion. Please start the guide here.

Tomba: The Wild Adventures (known as Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return in the states) is the sequel to the original Tomba!. Released in 1999 for the PSone, it’s finally seeing a digital re-release.

Title Screen Menu:

From left to right, the options are Start and Continue. Selecting the Start option brings you to the Start Menu, the Continue Option brings you to the Data Load menu.

Start Menu:


From left to right, the options are Game Start and Options. Game Start starts a new game, whereas Options takes you to the Options Menu

Options Menu:

Tomba2_Guide_002From top to bottom, the options here are Messages, Sound, Monitor and Controller. Selecting the appropriate option brings you to the appropriate sub-menu.

Message Sub-Menu:

The options here from top to bottom are Message Speed(1 is slow, 3 is fast, 2 is default), and Voices on/off. All the voices are in Japanese.

Sound Sub-Menu:

The options here from top to bottom are Sound Quality(Stereo/Mono), BGM volume and SFX volume.

Monitor Sub-Menu:

This screen allows for repositioning of the screen based on the individual monitor the game is being played on. Use the control pad to move the screen around.

Controller Sub-Menu:

The options on this menu are Vibration On/Off(default is On) and Key Config. All controls in this guide are based off the default setup. The alternate setup swaps Square with Triangle and X with Circle.

Pause Menu translation:

Tomba2_Guide_003From top to bottom, the options here are ‘Option'(takes you to the options menu), ‘Data Load'(Takes you to the Data Load menu) and ‘End Game'(takes you to the title screen)

Game Over Screen:

After the initial ‘Game Over!’, there’s a save prompt. The option on top is ‘yes’, the bottom is ‘no’. If you choose to save, you’re brought to the Save menu, and then to the Continue menu when done. Otherwise you’re sent directly to the Continue menu.


  • Control Pad: Move Tomba(in free-roaming areas), Move Cursor(In Notebook page)
  • Note: the Left Analog stick can function identically to the Control Pad.
  • Left/Right: Move Tomba(in-game), Change page(In Notebook), Move Cursor(In Notebook page)
  • Up/Down: Select path(in action stages, at intersections), Face interactive object(in action stages), Climb(in-game, when clinging to a wall), Move Cursor(In Notebook Page)
  • Attack Upwards(action stages)
  • Circle: Attack, Advance Text(in-game), Use Item(On Item Page), Talk/Read Signs(when prompted), Select(in menus)
  • Circle(Hold): Charge Attack
  • Down+Circle: Use Magic(With magic robe equipped)
  • Triangle: Open Notebook(in-game), Close Notebook(In Notebook), Exit(in menus)
  • Square: Dash(in action stages and free-roaming areas)
  • X: Jump(in action stages), Back(in menus)
  • L1/R1: Switch Equipped Weapon(in action stages), Toggle Mini-map(in free-roaming areas)
  • L2/R2: Page Up/Down(in Item/Event pages of Notebook)
  • Start: Pause game(in-game(action stages and free-roaming areas))


Returning from the original Tomba!, the Event System helps to keep track of what’s going on in the game and what needs to be done. New events will appear as Tomba goes to new places, collects new items, talks to people and finds strange new mysteries to solve.

When an event is triggered, its name will appear on-screen. The events’ name is generally a description of what needs to be done to clear the event. Of course, since this is the JP version all the names are in Japanese. As a general rule, events essential to the progression of the game end with an exclamation point. When an event is cleared, its’ name will pop up again, followed by some more text in red that translates to ‘Clear!’. There will also be a reward of AP(Adventure Points). Some events will have AP rewards simply for triggering them.

All events that have been triggered are listed in the ‘Events’ page of the notebook. Events that are still ongoing will be in Pink text, while events that have been completed will be in gray and have a small icon that looks like Tomba giving a thumbs-up next to them.

Events that pop up in the walkthrough will be encased in square brackets [like so] whenever they are triggered or finished. Events necessary for the story have an S at the beginning, whereas optional events don’t.

Tomba’s Weaponry:

  • Blackjack: Tomba starts the game with this. Basic weapon, comparatively weak.
  • Boomerang: About as strong as the Blackjack, but has the additional benefit of being able to grab and retrieve items.
  • Ice Boomerang: Freezes enemies that it hits. Also good for extinguishing flames.
  • Hammer: Short-range weapon primarily used for hitting switches.


Most items Tomba picks up will be sent to his inventory for later use. Some can be used from the Inventory screen at any time by highlighting them and pressing the Circle button, others need to be used in specific places. Gems and Fruit will automatically be used when collected.

  • Fruit: Restores Tomba’s vitality. Red fruits restore 1 unit, blue fruits restore 2.
  • Gems: Collect Gems to obtain Adventure Points. Orange Gems are worth 200, Red ones are worth 500, Blue ones are worth 1000 and Green gems are worth a whopping 10,000 points each.
  • Magic Wings(look like feathers on the Inventory screen): Use these to warp between any of the Save Points that Tomba has visited throughout the game.
  • Lunchboxes(look like fruit-baskets on the Inventory screen): Fully restores Tomba’s health when used.

Adventurer’s Notebook:

This handy notebook is where the details of Tomba’s adventure are kept. From left to right on the Notebook screen, the pages are Items, Events, Status and Help.

Items Page:


    This page contains Tomba’s inventory of on-hand items. Equipment is up on the top of the screen, above the green line. Consumables and Key Items are under this line. Placing the cursor over an item and pressing the Circle button will either Equip the item(if it’s equippable) or Use the item(if it’s consumable). Certain items can only be used in certain places or certain situations. For example, Lunchboxes can only be used if Tomba is at less than full health.

Events Page:


    This page keeps track of Events Tomba has triggered/completed. Up at the top is the Event Tally(Completed/Triggered), and below are the actual event listings. Story events are in the Left column, whereas Optional events are on the right.

Status Page:


    This page shows Tomba’s Status. This includes his Current/Maximum vitality, current AP, completed/triggered events, the current area, any Status Ailments Tomba is experiencing, as well as currently-equipped items and collected Pig Bags.

Help Page:

    This page contains gameplay tips. New tips pop up as they become relevant.

Onwards to ADVENTURE!

Tips & Tricks:

  • With the Bird Suit, Tomba can glide for several seconds, but can’t NOT glide while using it.
  • Unlike the original, there are no events that are completely missable.
  • There is a Pot of Life in the Kujara Ranch that is only obtainable BEFORE the Evil Pig Curse on the area is lifted.
  • Talk to Everyone! Certain Events can only be triggered by talking to specific individuals.
  • Normally, it’s possible to load up a Tomba 1 Save File at a certain point in the game to access special events. This is not possible with the current releases due to version mismatches.

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    Can't Read Japanese

    You say that players who purchased the Japanese version of the game will be able to download the English version at no extra charge. How do I go about doing this? There’s no option to download the English version for free on the PSN store. Right now the English and Japanese versions are being treated like two different games.

  2. avatar

    If I have the japanese version, how exactly does it update to the us version? Do I need to do something or wait on something specific?

  3. avatar
    Tre'Von Proctor

    I have bought tomba 2 my concern is that on my psn account I bought tomba 2 over a year ago but it was the japanese import version however I have heard that the english version is recently available and free to anyone who bought the japanese version but it says I have to pay I would like some assistance in this matter please.

  4. avatar

    Do you know when Sony will contact us on how to upgrade the game to English
    Tomba 2

  5. avatar

    I am still waiting on those “instructions” to be sent by Sony given that I am eligible for the english version of Tomba! 2. I did happen to be one of the individuals who mistakenly bought the Japanese version of Tomba! 2 the day it had been released on the PSN store. Any clarifications on when these individuals will be getting the instructions from Sony?

  6. avatar

    How do you get it for free? I paid for the Japanese version a long while ago on the PSN (Before I even knew it was the jap version! Should read that description better…), and yet while you guys SAY I can get the English version for free now, it still keeps saying I gotta pay for it. Please help!

  7. avatar
    Ryan Olsen

    Thanks for all the reports! We updated our blog post after we got some clarification. Basically, there will be one message sent on the week of Nov 16. If you don’t see anything that week, please let us know.

  8. avatar

    I too mistakenly purchased the Japanese version on day one (when the store was wrongly displaying the NA boxart) so I am very much interested in getting reimbursed with the English version. I’ll be keeping an eye on my email…though I’m not sure why it isn’t available for free on the storefront for us JP Tomba owners right now. The purchase is tied to our account, seems like it would be very easy to implement.

  9. avatar

    Sony still hasn’t sent me the code, I know you guys said the week of Nov 16. But I still got nothing from them

  10. avatar

    I think Sony was just handing us a line. Not Monkey Paw’s fault but They still haven’t sent out any instructions. All they needed was to give us a download code but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

  11. avatar
    Denis again

    Yep it Friday and Sony has still not sent me anything, has anyone else gotten a message from them?

  12. avatar

    I have never received any message from Sony on upgrading my Japanese version to English. I really hope I can get the English version because I’m still furious about being scammed into buying the Japanese version. I bought this at release when there was absolutely NO mention of it being an import or anything…

  13. avatar

    Still nothing guys. No codes or anything from Sony, no messages… Nothin’.

  14. avatar

    Hey guys, I never got an email with the code. I bought the game when it came out last year and got really excited reading that I would get the english version, is the email being sent out in waves or?

  15. avatar

    Never received an email to get a code or anything for the English version. I talked to customer support at Sony today and that didn’t get me any where either because they knew nothing about this.

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    Please, bring Tomba! 1 and 2 back to ps4 or a remake

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