Since our inception, we’ve had incredible support from our friends in the press. So we thought we’d share a sample of their comments with you.

"[Burger Time World Tour is the] Best Game of the Show: GDC 2011"

Destructoid – New Destructoid Show: We Dare to be Totally Rad at GDC

"Burger Time World Tour – Here’s the beef!"

Nintendo Power – May 2011 Issue – Downloads Section (BurgerTime Lead Story)

"With 50 maps, BurgerTime World Tour adds plenty of variety to your cooking."

Game Informer – June 2011 Issue – Downloads Section

"BurgerTime World Tour is close enough to the feel of the original. All you want to do is finish just one more stage."

GamePro – Building a Better BurgerTime

"Peter Pepper is back!"

G4TV – BurgerTime HD Is Heading To The Consoles This Summer

"Burger Time has never looked so meaty"

Kotaku – BurgerTime Has Never Looked So Meaty

"BurgerTime World Tour is an interesting and long-overdue update to the arcade classic. The game retains goals of the original, while bringing a nice balance of modernized gameplay."

NintendoLife – BurgerTime World Tour

"Fans who enjoyed the original arcade classic should find it a nice trip down memory lane, and gamers who somehow missed the original release can now get the chance to experience it in a whole new way."

NintendoLife – First Impressions: BurgerTime World Tour – MonkeyPaw Games

"One respected series which never left Japan though, until now, was Athena’s Dezaemon. With the recent American PSN release of Dezaemon Plus by Monkey Paw Games, it’s about time the entire catalogue was covered."

Hardcore Gaming 101 – Dezaemon

"An updated version of the original 1982 arcade game, BurgerTime World Tour looks to have kept the core gameplay the same, and added some twists to the formula as well with some gigantic bosses and whatnot"

DualShockers – BurgerTime World Tour Looks Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun

"One of my fav coin-op’s ever. I’m probably going to buy this the second it’s released."

Computer And Video Games – Burger Time World Tour gets ‘reinvention’ on PSN

"With Frozen Codebase – they of Jam City Rollergirls fame – behind the wheel, plus the apparent inclusion of online and local multiplayer modes, this could turn out to be a tasty treat"

NintendoLife – BurgerTime World Tour Takes 40 Mega Bites Out of WiiWare

"God, I’m hungry!"

Destructoid – Juicy details on MonkeyPaw’s BurgerTime World Tour

"Glad to see a great classic game getting the recognition it deserves with a reinvention."

Kotaku – BurgerTime Has Never Looked So Meaty

"There are some gaming gems overseas, but unfortunately, we never get to play them. Publishers deem them too strange or too foreign to bring them ashore. But thankfully, downloadable content and a company called MonkeyPaw Games are changing that."

Mercury News – Notes on oddities in the PlayStation Store’s Import Section

"My dreams have come true with the release of Magical Drop F on the PlayStation Network. Now puzzle-y goodness is there at my fingertips, whenever I need it."

Destructoid – Review: Magical Drop F

"I love me some Magical Drop, the Japanese match three puzzle game. I’m not good at it, but I’ve played the game a gazillion times since I first laid hands on it some years ago, and I’ve never stopped loving it."

Destructoid – Magical Drop F hits PSN

"MonkeyPawGames is giving the PSN some love with two more PSone Classics from Japan."

PS3 Attitude – Shienryu and Tall Unlimited hit the PSN Import Store

"Arc the Lad and Alundra are two genre-defining games that raised the bar on how RPGs should be designed and marketed."

IGN – MonkeyPaw Games Announces Arcade Hits: Shienryu and Tall Unlimited for PSN Import Store

"Eleven main warriors and a two-form boss character challenge each other in this tournament fighter."

Platform Nation – Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty Review

"If you’re into puzzle games, you probably know about the Magical Drop series, as they deliver fast-paced, frantic and engaging gameplay, mixed with some pretty anime characters and a bunch of options to choose from"

Platform Nation – Magical Drop F Review

"Longtime fans of the fantasy-based Role Playing Games have been clamoring for a re-release for over a decade, and gamers will finally be able to relive the memorable experiences these games created when they were first released."

Gamasutra – MonkeyPaw Games Announces Alundra and Arc the Lad for PSOne Imports

"…these games came to us by way of Working Designs originally. MonkeyPaw is working with Working Designs’ Victor Ireland to bring them back."

Destructoid – MonkeyPaw brings RPGS! Alundra and Arc the Lad for PSN

"MonkeyPaw Games is releasing Magical Drop F in North America for the first time as a PlayStation Network download."

Siliconera – Magical Drop F and Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty Dropping on PSN

"GaiaSeed is one of the premier PlayStation One import titles to come to the United States PlayStation Store thanks to the courageous efforts of Monkey Paw games to enlighten the western world of Japanese gems of the PSOne era."

PlayStation Lifestyle – PSOne Import Review — GaiaSeed – PlayStation Lifestyle

"As one of the inaugural titles to the PS one Imports, Cho Aniki couldn’t have been a more ‘Japanese’ choice to bring over to the West."

PlayStation Lifestyle – PSOne Import Review – Cho Aniki – PlayStation Lifestyle

"MonkeyPaw Games is bringing games other than Magical Drop F outside of Japan."

Siliconera – More MonkeyPaw Leaks Reveal GaiaSeed And Cho Aniki For PS3

"To celebrate this awesomeness, we’re giving away 2 PSN import games – Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed"

The Kartel – Win 2 PSN Import Games thanks to MonkeyPaw Games

"The company’s President confirms that they are working on content for Nintendo’s new handheld."

Nintendo World Report – MonkeyPaw Games Working on Nintendo 3DS

"A steady stream of PSOne titles, period, would be noteworthy for the North American PSN service."

Joystiq – Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed hit new PSN Import Store Sept. 21

"We never thought we’d see a time when even one Cho Aniki game made its way Stateside…"

Joystiq – ESRB outs more MonkeyPaw games, including Cho Aniki

"If you love Japanese games and pine for the ones that never make it over to the west, you better keep an eye on MonkeyPaw Games"

QuickJump – MonkeyPaw Games bringing niche Japanese games to the west

"The PlayStation Network will soon be adding a number of formerly import-only titles, thanks to MonkeyPaw Games." – MonkeyPaw Bringing PS1 Imports to PSN

"Recently-formed import publisher MonkeyPaw Games has announced its first project: the company will bring over to the US’ PlayStation Network store a slate of Japanese games for the original PlayStation"

Gamasutra – MonkeyPaw Games to Import Japanese PlayStation Classics to PSN in US

"Companies tend to underestimate the fervor that fans possess toward cultural idiosyncratic art, especially in overseas game markets. MonkeyPaw will finally give these games a chance to shine."

Edge – Ex-Hudson PResident Forms MonkeyPaw Games