Retro Rush

The MonkeyPaw Games Retro Rush is on! Starting January 14, 2014 to February 18, 2014, we’ll be releasing one PSone classic game a week!

This is the hub page for all Retro Rush activities. We’ll link game information, blog posts and any contests that pop up over the course of the Retro Rush on this page.

Game Pages:

Double Dragon | Lucifer Ring | The Firemen 2
Hyper Crazy Climber | Wolf Fang | Tomba! 2

6 Responses to Retro Rush

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  4. avatar TrueWiiMaster says:

    Why release Tomba 2 in Japanese in America when an American localization exists? The game is almost unplayable if you can’t read the text. What’s more, PSN shows the game as the American version, even though it’s not. This is either an unfortunate accident, or outright fraudulent.

  5. avatar Ryan Olsen says:

    It was a mistake. We’re fixing it to reflect the Japanese text in the store asap.

  6. avatar Ryan Olsen says:

    Unfortunate accident :(

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