What is Backgammon? 

Backgammon is also known as the Nard, Gul Bara, and Tapa. It originated in 3000 BCE in Ancient Persia (Iran). But, it became popular in the late 20s.


Backgammon is a board game where two players can play at a time. You have to move your pieces across the board’s triangle and keep away before your opponent. From the upper right, your nips can move anti-clockwise, while your partner can move clockwise from the bottom right. Additionally, the players can play it with two dice throwing together.

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How To Play Backgammon?

#1 Get Ready To Play

  • Know the backgammon board properly.
  • Place the board.
  • Roll the dice to confirm who goes first.
  • Don’t forget that you can double the spike.

#2 Operating Checkers

  • Spin the dice
  • Ensure that you move checkers to the open site.
  • If you rotate dice double, play the numbers twice.
  • You will drop your turn if you can’t play the numbers.
  • Checkers should be safe.

#3 Killing and Save Entrance

  • Kill a spot to proceed the opponent’s checker to the bar.
  • Take up your pieces when they get held off.
  • Make a move on your other checkers.

#4 Postures of Checkers

  • Know how to win the game.
  • Take all your checkers in your home court.
  • Start posturing off your checkers.
  • Assure that you are bearing off all 15 checkers before your opponent wins.
  • Play again and again.

What is Backgammon Setup?

Setting up twenty-four small triangles called points in Backgammon, and it is played by two players. Each point has numbers from 1 to 24. These are present on the board in the alternative shades assembled into four quadrants of six triangle points. Both the players have a home as well as outer board to play. Also, these are separated by a bar.


You can organize the checker’s point in the given way. 2 checkers on point 24, 5 on point 13, 3 on point 8, and 5 on point 6. Further, a dice has 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32, and 64 numbers on them.

Rules for Backgammon


We have mentioned the rules in how to play. However, our blog will tell you the additional terms of the game here.


  • Rule 1 – If similar numbers are hurled in the first roll, the spikes turn double. Further, the repeat cube is rotated into two and rests in the middle. Commonly, the players admit to controlling the number of automatic doubles to a single per game.
  • Rule 2 – When a player is repeated, he may instantly re-double while keeping the hand of the cube. The actual doubler has the alternative of receiving or denying a usual double.
  • Rule 3 –  Gammons & Backmons add up only as a one-only game if no player has presented a double during the game course. Therefore, this rule enhances the speed of the game.

What is a Backgammon Board?


It is compulsory to play this game, as you cannot play without the board. Additionally, the measurements of the planks should be at least 44 cm by 55 cm to the max up to 66 cm to 88 cm. It is an ideal size of the board to play.

How to set up a Backgammon?

You and your partner should follow the below setup to play the game. 


  • Place five rings of your colors on the points near the bar but under the home board.
  • Place two dips of your shades in the end far from a bar and into your opponent’s side.
  • Place three rings on the frequent point from the bar but under an outer board of your side. 
  • Place five droughts on the points a long way from the bar and on the outer board on your partner’s side.

How Many Backgammon Pieces in Game and How to Set it Up?

The players keep fifteen pieces on a backgammon board and are in different hues. These playing pieces are notable as counters, crackers, droughts, stones, men, pawns, discs, pips, chips, and nips. Besides that, you can enjoy the game by placing it on the right points of the board.

Best Backgammon Strategy

  • Secure your droughts in backgammon by assuring all carry-on in store of two or more at all times.
  • Strike the partner’s pips off as much as you can do.
  • Erect your areas with two checkers or more at every point. It helps to add difficulties for your partner.
  • Place some nips back to attempt and hit the opponent off the board as they start a walk in their areas.

How To Win Backgammon?

  • See your partner – Cheating is possible in this game, specified when the spikes are above the upshot of the game.
  • Transform your plannings – Try to think one step forward from your partner and make the best strategies to win. The more you create the plannings, the more you win.
  • Make self-defense – Try to block your opponent from making high scores. After this, their side will become vacant for you to make other successful moves.
  • Priming – Priming a game is another best hobby for the players. It helps to cover the points with your checkers.