Game Introduction

What will you prefer despite sleeping when you have a boring Sunday and do not have anything to do? 


Most of us want to have fun or chill in the pub, relax on the beach, or try to read books. But, we feel that there are a few who want to play card games with their old squad of friends. Aren’t we correct? 


And what’s a better website than Monkeypaw offering many exciting card games. You will meet with various card games, but Crazy Eights is amongst the preferable ones. This is a special card game you can play with more than five friends at your home through online sources. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s know about the rules, gameplays, deals, and other vital details of this exciting game Crazy Eights. So, let’s start with the exciting history of this game. 

History Of Crazy Eights

The Crazy Eights Card Game is a shedding card game, first seen in the 1930s. Later on, in the 1940s, the Crazy Eights name dates. Marle Robbins, an American barber, invented it.


The name appeared from the military designation to release the mentally unstable soldiers in section 8 in the United States. Also, there might be a possibility that the name emerged from the Mau-Mau, a German game. 


Besides that, different variations of the games are available with different names available. A few of them are Craits, Switch, Black Jack, and Last Card. The other game elements increased by Talki, Mao, and the famous UNO cards.


The simple object of the game is to win by getting rid of all the cards.

Game Help

1. How To Play Crazy Eights?

You will need a deck of 52 cards to play the Crazy Eights online game. If you are playing a two-player game, you have to use seven cards for each one. Otherwise, you can play this game with five cards only to deal with the rest of the players. 


Keep your remaining cards down facing the center of the table as the stockpile. Make sure the first or top card is turned face up to begin a game. 


Start a game with a player sitting on the dealer’s left and keep it clockwise. A player has to provide a legal card face up on the discard pile or bring out a card from the undealt stock. The legal plays are as per the following: 


  • If the discard pile does not have an Eight on the top card, you have to play any card that suits the previous one or matches the rank. For example – if you see the seven hearts, you can play any seven or any heart.
  • You may play card Eight on anyone. But, remember, the Eight card player must nominate a suit. 
  • If you see the Eight on top of the pile, you must play the other Eight or any suit card nominated by the same player who played the Eight.


Your dealer turns up the Eight as the first card of the pile; it will be treated as though the dealer played it. The dealer nominates a suit by looking at their hands. So, now the first player has to play another Eight if available or go with another card of the same suit. 


So, this way, when any player has only one remaining card left, he has to alert the rest. A player should say “Last Card” and inform them that he has only one card remaining. But, a player must draw two cards from the stock as a penalty if he fails to disclose before the next player’s turn. 


After dropping the last one, the player wins a game, and other players score penalty points. You have to count the cards remaining in the hands of the other players. 


  • Card Eight – 50 points
  • Picture cards (J, Q, and K) – 10 points 
  • Aces – 1 point
  • Remaining cards – Face value (For example – 5 points for card Five) 


While playing, if your stock cards get finished, you can shuffle played cards except for the last one. Keep their face down on the center of the table, and you will get the new cards to play. This way, you can continue your game until you get a winner. 

2. How Many Cards Do You Deal In Crazy Eights? 

You have to deal with five cards at a time and start with the player on the left. The rest of the cards are faced down in the middle of the table and work as stock cards. A dealer faces up the first card and puts it on the separate pile, also known as the “starter”. Suppose card Eight is the first card, then keep it in the middle of the table and turn the next card to start. 

3. How Many Cards Do You Get In Crazy Eights? 

Crazy Eights comes with many variations and other names. In the basic version, two players receive seven cards from a deck of 52 cards. Or five cards for each from a deck of 104 cards when playing with seven players. 

Crazy Eights Rules 

Many Monkeypaw Crazy Eights online gamers use these rules. However, these are different from the rules provided in a Wikipedia article. 


  • The main object of the game is to remove all of your cards. 
  • You can start your card-play with any card of the same suit placed on the top of the pile. 
  • For example – you have to play a diamond if there is a diamond on the top of the pile. 
  • See the top of the pile and play a card with the same line. 
  • For example – suppose a card on top of the pile is nine; you can play any other nine. 
  • You are allowed to play two cards or more simultaneously, but the first card should be of the same rank or suit of the pile. 
  • For example – diamonds are on the pile. So, you can place the seven of hearts, seven of clubs, seven of diamonds simultaneously. Click on the seven of diamonds rather than being played right away. After that, you have two choices to play. Either you can click on the “Press” option or click on other ones of a similar rank or suit to play together. 
  • When you don’t have the cards to play, you can take up to 3 cards from the deck. But, you cannot draw a card if you have cards to play. After taking those three cards, there are still no chances to play; you should pass your turn to the next one. It will help you continue the game if you pass a turn but reduce the winning chances. 
  • If you want to play Eight, you can play anytime on your turn and change the suit. 
  • Suppose you get the first card as Eight; then you can put down any card present in your hand. 


So, play Crazy Eights online using these rules, play smartly, defeat your gang, and be the ultimate winner of this game. 

Tricks Or Tips For Crazy Eights

You can play a free online Crazy Eights game quickly, but you should use the basic strategies to win. Check out the following strategies to lead a game. 


  • It would help if you determined when to use a crazy eight to attempt to transfer the game in the opponent’s favor. For example – suppose you have the three essential cards of the same suit, then you can hold it by placing the other card. Also, you can start a new suit by placing card eight if available. 
  • If there are two people only playing with 52-cards, then try to understand what card your opponent should have or draw.
  • Try to save your card eight as much as you can to stay strong in the game. 
  • Make sure to have the higher cards like J, Q, and K. 
  • Ensure that you collect many cards of only one suit. It will help you drop your cards on the same suit. 
  • Suppose you have card Eights; use them correctly to win the game. 
  • If you play with more than two players, ensure that whatever you play affects your opponents. 


By using these easy and short tricks or tips, you can be a winner in the game again and again. 


When it comes to modifying the game by adding a few variations, Crazy Eights is the most accessible game you can play. You can make any of the cards as your special card. For example – you can choose Jack instead of Queen to pressure your opponent to pass a turn. 


Also, you can see the extra cards with other effects on the game here. For example – you can use Queen of Spades to draw five cards from your opponent.