Do you know about a card game called Golf Solitaire? Most of us have played this game in our childhoods, and many are still addicted to this. It is famous across the globe as a card game, and you can play it online through your desktop. Besides that, golf is also popular as the One Foundation.


You can see that thirty-five cards are facing an upward direction. Online gamers can play this game with one deck. Also, this golf card game provides a facility to play with multiplayer at a time.

Anytime Free Game Play!

People can play free golf solitaire with a simple objective. You have to move the cards from the poles onto the decline. You can move to the highest card from each column at one time only. You can put a card on it only if your card is more than or lower than the card is showing in the waste.


For instance, if you have four numbers on the extra or pole, then you have to put the next card. It can be more than four (5) or less than four (3). The pole is empty in the end, so people can move any card on it.

Useful Gaming Tips To Play Golf Solitaire Online

You can win the game only if you have removed all the cards from the poles. And the card numbers do not possess significance for it.


If you have no move remaining to play and no stock cards are available, then the online golf solitaire game automatically ends. But, the beneficial thing is that you can use the undo options to make different strategies and win the current game.


Additionally, you have to follow the simple objective of the game. The target is to discard all the cards. If there is no card remaining on the pile, then you can win the game.

Gameplay for Golf Solitaire Card Game!

Seven Poles

You will get the seven poles with five front-facing cards.


You are benefitted from the stock cards in the bottom left.

Extra or Waste Cards

These cards are the front-facing pile following the stock. But, it’s vacant in the starting.


You have to remove all the cards of the seven poles only by placing them into the waste cards. For example, if there is card 3, then you have two options to put on it. You can either choose 2 or 4 to place it. You can select a card from the stock if you haven’t any card to move.

How to Play “Golf Solitaire like a Pro”?

It is not that difficult to play golf solitaire like a pro player. The following tips are helpful to play the game.


You can bond card runs jointly, making use of wildcards that share out into an arrangement for great scoring. Attempt to remove the cards in such a way that the points earned are much greater for a short at really massive scores. Therefore, it becomes foremost to finish the round unless you do that wonderful moment where the cards have lined up flawlessly. Also, the “undo’ option is available if you have played wrong.

How to play golf solitaire?

Individuals have to bring out all the cards from the poles only by setting them in the waste stack at the base of the screen. You can do this by tapping on the card that carries a number greater than or less than the card that is now on the top side of the waste stack.


Also, if you do not find any card on the peak of the waste pile, you can take any card you want to begin with. You can do both, King on the Ace or Ace on the King. There are a few stock cards for your help. Use them if you are stuck!


Additionally, the above things can help you in the game until you win. Even so, you have to manage all the cards to remove them from the poles to be the winner! After this, if you get run out from the permitted moves, you will lose the golf solitaire game.

Know the Variations of Golf Solitaire Game

You will see many variations of Online Golf Solitaire.

  • Although the Ace has a lower value, you can put down the Ace onto the King or a King onto Ace.
  • Not every version allows you to put any card on King. But, you can place a Queen into King in this version. Also, even an Ace can set down onto a King.

Golf Solitaire Rules

#1. Representation

  • There are seven poles with five cards each.
  • Every single card is face up.
  • The vacant pile may not be packed.

#2. Base

  • A single base pile along with one beginning card.
  • You can place any card on the empty substructure.
  • A card can be put on the card only if it is a greater or lower number.

#3. Stock

  • When chosen, pass out (0) with a single starting card.
  • Only one single pass via the stock is permitted.
  • Only 16 cards are visual.