These are the rules we have set for Hearts. There are plenty of alteration possible, but we use the basic ones from the Wikipedia.

  1. The main purpose of the hearts is to have the least points as possible. Each trick point awards you with one penalty point. In addition, Queen of Spade honors you with 13 penalty points.
  2. When the game starts, you need to select three cards which you want to drop for your opponent player. Opponent player changes after each round. You have to start with your left one, then in the next game to the right, and in the third one you’ll have to pass on across the table. After third, there would not be any card passing.
  3. Now the thrill begins, each turn starts with the leading player playing a single card. The suit of the thrown card decides the trick for the rest of the players. The other players will play each card from the same suit, if they don’t have then they can play another suit’s card. Once all four players have played their card, then the player with the highest ranking in the same suits of the card, i.e., the original card’s suit, will take all four cards from the table. And then s/he starts the next turn. Penalty card like Queen of Heart gives the extra penalty score to the player, so avoid taking the tricks that have Hearts and the queen of Spades.
  4. The player with the two cards of Club MUST begin the game, and he has to use both the club cards to lead the game.
  5. One cannot drive a trick by using the card of heart, until the heart has been broken, means played on another suit. If it’s your turn to put the first card and the heart has not been played, yet, then you cannot begin the round by playing the card of hearts. In a few versions, you cannot play the Queen of Spades until the heart has been broken, but this version allows you to play Queen of Spades without breaking any heart.
  6. In the very first round, you must not play the card of Heart or the Queen of spade, even if you don’t have the card from the lead played suit.
  7. Once all the cards have been played, including the penalty points and the player with the least points wins that hand. When a player or two reaches 50 points, then the entire game is finished, and the player with the fewest point win. If points are above 50 and there’s tie among the rest of the players, then game continuous until we get an only winner.
  8. Buck the odds! Though it is bad to get a penalty card, but there is an extra twist. If you receive all the penalty cards, those are 13 hearts and  Queen of Spade, then you won’t get any point. Your three opponents will receive 26 points each! This is how you can buck the odds. To play this trick is really risky though, what if any of the player gets even a single card of hearts, you’ll end up with plenty of points…