The present version of the Spider Solitaire game came into existence in 1949. It was the first introduction of “Spider comes Games Digest,” issued in 1937. They have already mentioned the game, and today we know it as a card game Spider. So, let’s see the other exciting things about this game in the upcoming sequences.

What is spider solitaire?

The modern spider solitaire game was created by Microsoft and played only one at a time. The goal is so simple, you have to move all the cards and put them into descending order between king to ace. After completion, it will go to the base automatically, and you can start from another sequence. Also, you can play it on three different levels. Firstly, the one color is challenging, the second is more challenging, and the last one is highly challenging. Therefore, the third level is commonly played by experienced people only.

How to set up a spider solitaire?

We can see that the game is played in two decks (104 cards). In the starting stage, 54 of the cards are separated into ten portrayals. Therefore, the setup starts from the first four tables that possess six cards each. And then another six tables have the five cards each.


Besides this, the first card of each portrayal is facing an upward direction, but the rest are face down. Also, the remaining fifty cards are in stock on the above side of the screen.

Free Card Game

People can enjoy Free Spider Solitaire on their computers, laptops, as well as on their mobiles. Anyone can easily access this website from all digital devices!

100% Online Classic Card Game

Card games like spider solitaire are 100% online in Monkeypaw Games. Available for card game lovers to increase their winning ratios. Despite that, its objective is to organize the cards in descending order starting from king to aces in similar suits. For example, the order will be descending from spade’s king to spade’s aces. Only if you are placing the spade’s king.

24/7 Spider Solitaire

In the world of high-end computer games, spider solitaire stands as one of the best card games. A player can play this game without much knowledge. You have to make a sequence between the card “A” to “K” or aces to the king one by one.


Even a person can start playing just by going to Monkeypaw Games on their digital device because Spider Solitaire is available 24/7 * 365. Surprisingly, the game does not need an email for registrations and other formalities.

Game Help

How do you play spider solitaire?

We can play with 1, 2, or 4 suites in the spider solitaire game. One suit is used at the beginner’s level. Only the spades cards are available to play in the 1st suit. The only chief rule of playing states that you must place the existing card if you see the above number of the card.


For instance, if you have card number two, you have to place it on the third. Likewise, if you have the queen, you have to place it on the king to form a sequence from King to Ace. Also, when you have successfully moved a card, you will see that the downside card will turn upward. In this way, the game continues until you clear all the cards.


Besides that, you can play with 2 or 4 suits cards. Here, we can get the freedom of moving any suited card into each other’s higher value. For example, you can move the 9 of clubs on the 10 of hearts or, the jack of clubs can be placed into the queen of diamonds. And, the game will end when you clear all the stock and other cards.

The best strategy to win spider solitaire!

  • Place all the card suits in the descending orders from the king to ace.
  • You can beat this classic card game only if all the cards are removed from the screen.
  • When you need more cards, click on the stock of cards given either on the top left or bottom right on display.
  • Games can earn from one to three stars when they complete the game.


Online games have become popular in the last few years. Therefore, most gamers stay online and play it online. Despite that, when you see the best card game for beginners, Spider will appear on the list. In addition to this, you can see a hint button on the screen when you play. You can choose this option if you haven’t got any cards to move.


Furthermore, you will get a short history of the game along with information about how to play the game. We have also mentioned the strategies to win as well as earn points.