What is Chess?

Chess is an old board game that involves two players each of whom has six pieces. These are:

  1. Knight
  2. Rook
  3. King
  4. Pawn
  5. Queen
  6. Bishop

Who Invented Chess?

I can bet that you’re eager to know the history of chess. Technically, chess is one of the oldest games known to humanity. This entertaining board game was first played close to 1500 years ago.


In the 7th century, Dewasarm introduced chess to Persia before it later spread to other parts of the world. Al-Adil Rumi wrote the first chess manual in Arabia before it was translated into other languages.

How To Win Chess? – The Best Chess Strategy

Every chess player strives to checkmate their opponent as fast as they can. Here are useful tips on how to win a chess game.

Don’t Trade Your Chess Pieces Aimlessly

Some chess players make the mistake of giving out their chess pieces freely to their opponents. We advise that you only trade when necessary and trade chess pieces of a similar value. However, you must aim at taking all the chess pieces your opponent hands to you carelessly, to checkmate them.

Strategize Before You Make A Move

It’s impossible to checkmate your opponent by just a single move. Technically, it takes a lot of strategizing and capitalizing on your chess rival’s mistakes. You’ll need to coordinate a well-calculated attack to pick a win against your rival.

Dictate Your Opponent’s Moves

If you make shrewd moves at the start, you’re likely to dictate your chess opponents’ moves. Please ensure that you have full control of the center throughout the entire game.

Protect Your King First

Castling early will help you safeguard your king before your opponent outplays you. You’re free to move your king as soon as you notice unoccupied squares. Pay attention to capitalizing if your opponent fails to castle at the right time.

Basic Chess Rules That You Must Know

Chess players must familiarize themselves with chess rules to participate in this game. Here are the rules in detail.

A. 3 Fold Repetition Rule

As the name suggests, if one player repeats the exact position thrice, you have the right to claim a draw. Therefore, an intelligent player should always be on the lookout lest their opponent will outplay them.


Ordinarily, there are only 5 specific scenarios that may force a chess game to end in a draw. Funny enough, the 3-repetition rule is one of the top reasons online chess games end in a draw.

B. Castling Rule

Chess only permits chess players to move two chess pieces once by castling. As you can tell, castling only involves the kind and the rook. Currently, there are only 2 types of castling, namely:

  1. Queenside – denoted 0-0-0 involves moving your king chess piece from e8 to c8. Alternatively, you can move this chess piece from e1 to c1.


  1. Kingside Castling – usually denoted 0-0 as it involves moving the king piece from position e8 to g8 or e1 to g1.

C. The Pawn Promotion Rule

New chess players must acquaint themselves with the pawn promotion rule before they start playing this board game. It dictates that if a pawn gets to the other part of the chess board it automatically promotes.


A pawn owner is free to select either a knight, queen, or a rook and use it in place of a pawn. Since the queen chess piece is very powerful, a chess player can opt to promote a chess piece to the queen. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to know all pawn moves in chess.

D. Seventy Five Move Chess Rule

The 75-move rule is among the newest rules introduced to an online chess game. If you’re familiar with the 50-move rule, then this new rule isn’t entirely strange to you. As the name suggests, this rule applies if either chess player makes75 moves without touching the pawn.

Chess rules dictate that the game only ends if the king of either player is captive. As long as the king has an escape route, the game continues. Each chess player plays chess, intending to checkmate their opponent to win the game.

Who is The Best Chess Player in The World?

  • Name – Magnus Carlsen (Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen)
  • Born – 30 November 1990
  • Country – Norway
  • Title – Grandmaster
  • FIDE Rating – 2864 (March 2022)
  • Peak Rating – 2882 (May 2014)

Note:- Data Source By Wikipedia.

Useful Tips On How To Learn Chess Games

In 2022, anybody can learn chess from scratch to become Magnus Carlsen. Below are tips on how to play chess.

1. Play More Often

The easiest way to learn chess and discover a good chess strategy for beginners is to play more often. All you need is an opponent, chess pieces, and a chess board. You can dedicate 1.5 hours daily to playing this game with your bosom-friend or sibling in the evening.

2. Observe Who Makes The First Move

More often than not, the player that has white chess pieces makes the first move. You should note that his or her move determines the opponent’s move.

3. Hang Around Good Chess Players

If you spend more time with ardent chess players, you stand a better chance to learn more about it. Factually speaking, chess players won’t let a day go by without playing the game. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this board game.

4. Solve Chess Puzzles

Solving online chess puzzles will help you learn more about rules such as chess castling rules and surefire strategies.


  1. What is Castling in Chess?

Castling is a unique chess move that aims at safeguarding the King. This move allows a player to move 2 chess pieces at once. You can move any chess piece you like over others except the Knight.

  1. What is a Blunder in Chess?

A blunder is a bad chess move that a chess player makes that may cost them immensely. More often than not, a blunder may cause a player to get checkmated or lose the game altogether. Ordinarily, players become overconfident or careless hence making a costly blunder.

  1. What is The Queen’s Gambit?

A queen’s gambit is an exceptional chess move that aims at safeguarding control of the chess board. A chess player opts to sacrifice their pawn chess piece, for a moment to take charge of your chess board.

  1. What is a Stalemate in Chess?

A stalemate is one type of draw in chess. It occurs if neither of the chess players wins or loses the game. Oftentimes, a stalemate happens if a player cannot move the king.

  1. What is a Gambit?

A gambit is a chess strategy in which a chess player opts to sacrifice their pawn to gain an advantage over their opponent. The player moves their pawn to pile undue pressure on their opponent to make a huge blunder.

  1. How Many Pieces in Chess?

Following are the chess piece’s names:

  1. Queen
  2. King
  3. Knight
  4. Bishop
  5. Pawn
  6. Rook

Each chess player has 16 chess pieces:1 king,1 queen in chess, 8 pawns,2 bishops, 2 rooks, and 2 knights.

  1. What is a Draw in Chess?

A draw is an outcome in which neither the chess player loses nor wins the game. Oftentimes, both players earn 0.5 points after a draw.

At the present, we have 6 distinct types of draws:

  • 3 Fold Repetition
  • Stalemate
  • Draw By Agreement
  1. Can I Checkmate My Chess Rival in 3 Simple Moves?

Yes, you can! The best move is to move the king pawn piece to e4. Remember that you can only use the queen to checkmate your opponent. The best Chess Strategy For Beginners is to create unoccupied spaces for you to move the queen chess piece obliquely.

  1. What is a Stalemate in Chess?

A stalemate is one type of draw in chess. It occurs if neither of the chess players wins or loses the game. Oftentimes, a stalemate happens if a king cannot be moved.