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Monkeypaw is a popular card & strategy games website. It has many online & free games like Spider Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Backgammon, and more. Out of them, Go Fish is one of the most favorite games on this website. Get the complete information on this below.

Go Fish Card Game

As you know, Go Fish is a card game played by at least two or more two players. Similarly, you can play it with up to ten players. Can you imagine that! Interestingly, the game is about five to fifteen minutes only, which means you can play this game many times in a day.

100% Free

Play classic card game Go Fish 100% free! Yes, you can play with the computer or your friends or relatives. You don’t need to download it from any site; you can play it without downloading. Go Fish is a funny & uncomplicated game that can be played by children also.

Online Card Games

Card playing is one of the most common hobbies we can see worldwide. For those card lovers, play Go Fish Online. You can play this card game wherever & whenever! You can play it with up to ten friends or relatives. What a fantastic thing it is! You can start playing it just by going on to Monkeypaw Games.

Best Card Games For Adults

There are so many card games for adults available on the internet. It is because it delights adults for many years, and it is one of the most common reasons to pass your time. Such cards are social, easily movable, and cheaper. As a result, adults pass their time on card games. You can take a quick view of the following card games.


When it comes to the Best Card Games For Adults, Monkeypaw offers many options to play with your friends. Some of them are solitaire, spades, hearts, gin rummy, etc., which are the most common examples.


You can easily play such classic and most entertaining adult card games free & online. Isn’t this exciting?

Card Games For 3 People

You can play many ideal card games for 3 people on the Monkeypaw games like Rummy and Go Fish. People can choose from various card games and play them with the remaining two best friends or family members.


But, before going for a war, we have to sharpen the Sword. So, how will you sharpen your Sword? It’s simple! You have to know the rules and relegations, including how to play? So, let’s see the following information regarding this.

Go Fish Rules

Go Fish is known as the vintage and favorite entertaining game. Although specially designed cards are available for the Go Fish, you can play this game with any card’s deck, and it is because they come up with fewer cards than standard card decks. Therefore, you can play it with any card deck without Go Fish cards.


Furthermore, the rules of Go Fish are based on the standard 52 decks of cards, and you have to collect more sets of fours in the Go Fish.

How To Play Go Fish?

A player sitting on the dealer’s left side should see the next player and say, for example, “I want your Queen,” talking with the opponent’s name. Further, they must specify the number they want, from ace to down.


Similarly, if the player is finishing, he must have one card of the number that the opponent was asked for in their hand. An addressed player must give all cards requested. And if the player does not have any cards, then he will say, “Go Fish!” The player who has asked has to take out the stock card and place it in their hand.


If the player gets at least one or more than one numbered card they asked for, they can ask for the card from other players. Here they can ask for a similar or dissimilar card. Such players can continue if they succeed in catching the card. They have to show the card to verify. If you get the four cards from the book, you have to show them all.


Besides that, if a player finishes without catching a card, you can pass the turn to the left. You can end the game if the thirteen books have been won, and the winner is the one who has more books. Keep reading to know the rules.

How Many Cards Are In A Deck?

There is one standard deck that has 52 traditional cards. You have to give some cards for dealing and take out the remaining cards from the stockpile. And you have to make the set any four of a kind, like four sixes, aces, queens, and so on.

3 Player Card Games

Go Fish is also famous for 3 player card games. A company of three best friends or relatives or people can play this Go Fish game easily. If you are a group of three, you should try this on the Monkeypaw website once.

How Many Cards Do You Get In Go Fish?

You need more than one person to play Go Fish. Similarly, the cards are distributed as seven cards for 2/3 players and five cards for more than three players. The remaining cards are spread in the middle of the table.

How Do You Win Go Fish?

There are thirteen books in Go Fish. When these books win, the game ends. But, you have to win as many books as you can to win Go Fish.


If your hand is a little tight in other board games, you should try this classic card game called Go Fish! It is one of the best online card games available freely on the Monkeypaw website.


Furthermore, you can see we have provided the basic information about this game on this blog. Along with that, you should know the game rules, how to play, and more about this game to play with your trio. You can also play this game with more than five people. So, in the end, we hope that you will love this game.