Have you heard about the Tri Peaks Solitaire? Have you played this crazy and fantastic game with your buddies? 


Well, whether you have heard it or not, this is one of the best of the famous Solitaire card games. When you get bored and don’t want to watch repeated cartoons or read storybooks, this game can help you pass the time. 


TriPeaks Solitaire is easy to play but comes with solid, challenging gameplay. So, learn how to play this game and challenge your squad or cousins to beat you. We are assuring you that once you learn this gameplay, tricks, and many other details, no one on your friend list can beat you for sure. 


So, are you excited to learn about the game, strategies, rules, how to play, and much more? 


If nodding yes, read the below information and start playing this Free TriPeaks Solitaire.

History of Tri Peaks Solitaire

First, we are starting from the game’s history! It is because, unless and until you don’t know about the game and its history, there is no excitement while playing Solitaire Tripeaks. 


As you all know, most solitary games can be traced from the beginning of the 18th century. Aren’t we correct? 


However, the origin of the Tri-Peaks Solitaire can be found in 1989. Isn’t that surprising? The game is not so old, but it has its importance. 


To be precise, Robert Houge invented this easy and challenging game and gave it to the world of the actual card gamer. After the success of the games, many other gaming platforms have created similar games. Presently, many games are available, like the TriPeaks Solitaire Online, with different names. 


The original game name was derived from the three pyramid peaks made by the playing cards. Therefore, many names are available for this game, including Three Peaks, Tri Towers, and Triple Peaks. 

Other Tri Peaks Solitaire Variants 

There are other variants of solitaire games popular amongst the many card game lovers. 


You won’t believe it, but TriPeaks Solitaire games are almost the same as the Golf Solitaire. In this game, you have to pick up a lower or higher card than a rank placed on the table. Although the card color or layouts are different, you can put them on it. 


This also shows the similarities with the game Black Hole. We can use the same rules to remove your cards but with different colors and layouts, like the La Belle Lucie game. In addition to that, it is similar to the gameplay of pyramid, even though the designs and deals are a bit similar to the Tri Peaks Solitaire Game. Now is the time to know more about setup. 

How to Set Up Tri Peaks Solitaire?

Since the time of invention, the gameplay has been the same as the following. 

  • Three peaks – You have to make three peaks or pyramids containing four higher cards. You have to set up the cards so that the higher cards face down and the bottom cards face up. 
  • The Stock – Keep a face-down pile on the left bottom. It will be used to put cards on waste and draw them from. 
  • The Waste – Keep the face-up pile following the Stockpile. It will be vacant at the start. 


So, this is how you should set up the game of Tri Peaks. Have you noticed one thing? We haven’t talked about the gameplay and strategies yet! So, let’s start with the following.

Game Help 

1. How To Play Tri Peaks Solitaire? 

The main goal of this free card game is to remove all cards from the pyramids onto the Waste pile. But, remember, only the open card you can move to the Waste pile, and the available cards are not covered by the other cards present there.


All the cards from the bottom row should be open at the starting point. So, once you begin to take cards or remove cards from the Peaks, the other cards will be opened. This way, you can take the other cards into the Waste pile. 


A card can be moved to the Waste pile only if it is higher or lower than the upper card of the waste pile. For Example – if you see the 7 on top of the waste pile, you can put either 6 or 8 on it. You can use any color or pattern of a card like a heart, diamond, and the rests. 


But, remember, the Waste pile is vacant at the beginning of the game. As a result, you can add any card to it and continue the game. It is permissible to turn the corner, which means it should be like this – K, A, 2, A, K, Q, and more. Don’t you think it’s too simple? 


However, it’s tricky to play. The Stockpile is available to take a card if you have no cards in the Peaks to move to the Waste pile. However, the resets are restricted, and you can access the Stockpile once only. So, we suggest not using the stock unless there is a particular need to knock on your door to play Tri Peaks Solitaire Free & Online.

2. How to win this game?

Winning this card game is so simple. You don’t need to crack the hard nut and just remove all cards from the three peaks one by one to the Waste pile. That’s it! 


When no card remains on the Peaks, you will be the ultimate winner of this Online Tri Peaks Solitaire Game. And the cards left on the Stockpile will be of no use. 

3. Why does anyone lose the Tri Peaks Solitaire game?

You can lose the game only if you can’t move the cards from the Peaks and your Stockpile is empty. The game itself will tell you about your loss. 


But, you know what? You can’t lose in this incredible game! Do you know why? It is because the Undo option is free to use. You can use that option and continue the game again and again. This way, you can check out where you have played wrong and recorrect them. Isn’t that exciting? 

4. How to score in this card game?

After winning the game, the main thing that matters is Scoring. How I can score more is the common question of every gamer. Here, the score depends on the card numbers left at the end of the game. 


You can be the ultimate winner only if you have no cards left. In addition to this, your moves are counted by the game. That means if you take fewer moves, you can be the better winner. 


The game has more than 50.000 numbered games, and you will get notified if you are the first one of them. Whether you are a first or best result holder for a specific game, even if you don’t finish, you will be notified by the game. 

5. What is the Best Tri Peaks Solitaire Strategies? 

Can you believe this fantastic Online Free Tri Peaks Solitaire Game has no strategies? Well, this is hard to believe. Right? 


Below are the Tri Peaks Solitaire Hacks that you can try to win your card game:


  • Create a long sequence – Making a sequence without turning the Stockpile is essential to reaching a high score, and it will help you increase the points per card you remove from the peaks. Therefore, you have to be careful while picking up the card and putting it on the waste pile. 
  • Open face-down cards – This situation commonly occurs in the game. For example, suppose you have two cards of similar numbers you can play, then what will you do? We suggest taking the card that uncovers the most face-down cards because it will increase your playing chances. 
  • Undo – Everyone knows Undo is the most suitable option for all the games. This game allows you to undo the move you have made before. You can use this option to see which card is available under the Peaks and undo it if you don’t want that card. 


So, these are the basic strategies you can use while playing this game. You can also search YouTube videos. 


1. Can we play TriPeaks Solitaire using a deck of cards? 

The big Yes to this! You can use the regular deck of 52 cards to play this game. Make three peaks on the table or place you choose to play with six cards face down. The first or topmost row must have one cad, and the second has two, and place them continuously until they become six for each peak. After that, make a deal of 10 cards facing the upper side. You can add the remaining cards below the tree peaks and turn the top card to form the waste pile. 

2. What levels are there in TriPeaks Solitaire? 

First, the Tri Peaks Solitaire is an entertaining game for all. Therefore, you can play many rounds of this game with your friends. The deals of each round change; consequently, you can play this game for endless numbers. 

3. Can you add your buddy to TriPeaks Solitaire?

You can add your favorite gaming buddy to play this game using Facebook. You have to log in, click on their profile, and hit the Add Friend option. It will help you add your favorite buddy to the game. 

Enjoy this Beautiful Tri Peaks Solitaire on Monkeypaw Games.